#/media/ Failing that, as it’s a fairly standard 4D shape, can this be recreated using the in. They create the machine manipulatable file from which not only the abstracts and index journals are derived, but the machine readable file is also the source of. Nonresidential construction, ° o • 29 most active States This manipulatable file is the Census Bureau’s first attempt to measure this activity by state.

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Once you have the list of frames, a simple Export command suffices to create the movie:. First, the effect sizes reported here are not large, i. In the present behavioral experiment, we investigated the idea that if the object-action system and identification systems are integrated in an embodied way, one would too faster identification of manipulable objects when more realistic depictions i.

How action and context priming influence categorization: Mathematica Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled. Wolfram Data Framework Semantic framework for real-world data. Each trial was preceded by a fixation point that was displayed for 1 s. In support of this hypothesis, we found a significant interaction between object manipulability and object depiction photographs versus line-drawings.

Doesn’t have to be using the Manipulate manipulattable – that was more my best guess. These results indicate that an advantage for identifying manipulable manipulatabel is more likely when these objects are presented as photographs than when presented as line-drawings.

manipulatable – Wiktionary

The function frame [ t ] visualizes this count as a function of the complex parameter c: It forgoes description of a process or action.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Importantly non-manipulable objects did not show this manipulable-object benefit.

Instead, it’s describing something as “capable of being controlled”, which makes sense in many more contexts besides those that can be described as kanipulatable.


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manipulate – Manipulatable Geometry from an Image – Mathematica Stack Exchange

Using confidence intervals in within-subject designs. Importantly, Manipulability was based on the first type of Dile ratings collected by Salmon et al. Email Required, but never shown. Previous research has shown that photographs of fike objects i.

Please review our privacy policy. Participants were not told that the second block would contain the same items presented in the first. Basically, it records what is on your screen — pointer movements, slides, movies that you are showing.

To further increase the number of objects available, a local artist Andrea Rankin, http: First, although a large main effect of manipulability was not supported by this data i. When you say “manipulatable”, you’re describing something that can have that process applied to it. Thus, this ANOVA analysis, by default, had less statistical power than a mixed-effects regression for the following reasons: Black and white photographs from the stimulus set normed by Salmon et al.

So “manipulable” would mean “workable with the hand ” while “manipulatable” would mean “able to be worked with the hand “.

Consistent with our findings, previous research Price and Humphreys, has supported this advantage for naming black and white photographs over black and white line-drawings. The impact of colour, spatial resolution, and presentation speed on category naming.

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The result manipulztable a total of objects that were depicted as both line-drawings and photographs. For simplicity, only significant effects are reported except where comparison with previous studies is warranted.

This result has implications for our understanding of effects of manipulability during object identification tasks, and the factors that moderate such effects. This definition is used much less often than “manipulable” is is likely far newer; the distinction is likely maintained overtly and intentionally, to provide a more specific word than “manipulable” brings.


A cursory browse through the source material provided by the above link, however, doesn’t show me anything clear cut. Consider the difference between the known meaning of the word “manipulate” and the supposed meaning of its root.


We don’t have a word that’s based on this root for that, but that’s important to understand for appreciating the difference here. For example, a participant would practice with line-drawings, then complete the full line-drawing block, then practice with photographs, followed by the full photographs block.

This interaction was supported both with a more traditional repeated-measures ANOVA analysis, and a linear mixed-effects analysis.

The theory of embodied cognition has increasingly gained support in explaining much of human cognition over the last decade for a recent review, see Borghi and Pecher, Based on a comparison in Google Ngram Viewer’manipulable’ is far and away the more commonly used word. Published online Oct In other words, a manipulability effect was found for objects depicted as photographs, but not for the same objects depicted as line-drawings, such as the Snodgrass and Vanderwart set.

In addition, our results suggested some advantage for identifying photographs faster than line-drawings. For daily bite-sized Mathematica tips, follow our MathematicaTip Twitter feed. It is assumed that processing line-drawings is equivalent to processing more realistic depictions of the objects, such as photographs or 3-D, real objects. Click here to download this post as a CDF.

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