P਱ਮਣ਴ਢਲ਼ Dਤਲਢ਱ਨਯਲ਼ਨਮਭ. CARCLAD™ MACROPOXY HS is an epoxy mastic designed for application to properly prepared steel surfaces. Sherwin-Williams – Macropoxy HS Epoxy. MACROPOXY HS HIGH SOLIDS EPOXY is a VOC compliant epoxy polyamide mastic designed for. Sat, 10 Nov GMT protective macropoxy hs paintdocs com pdf -. Revised January 16, Macropoxy® HS HigH. SolidS Epoxy Part a.

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Barrier coat or universal primer when applying high performance coating over alkyds, to prevent lifting. The epoxy and the filler are mixed in about equal volume. A sprayable textured coating, said coating being of sufficient texture size and viscosity so as to be sprayable maxropoxy a paint spray gun nozzle having an inner diameter of 1.

Insulating composition comprising a foamed adhesive admixed with particulate insulating material. The macropixy is applied to building surfaces using a well-known paint spray gun. Attachments There are no attachments for this article. Sherwin Williams, Macropoxy HS. Finally, if another color other than the color of the epoxy paint is required for the textured surface, a light coat of paint can be sprayed over the textured surface, taking care that the coat is light enough not to fill the texture, and that about 24 hours of curing time has passed to allow the base texture coating to partially cure.

Fontana et al, Publ. Long-term durability Corrosion resistant Resistant to many solvents and chemicals Barrier coat or universal primer when applying high performance coating over alkyds, to prevent lifting Low VOC Recommended Usage For use over prepared substrates such as steel and concrete in industrial environments.

Dicaperl HP Dec. Because of the substantial macropoxyy thickness that results when prior art textured coatings are trowelled, rolled, or “hopper gunned” onto a surface, fine surface details become hidden.

US USA en If the textured surface is inadvertently sprayed on too wet so that the surface texture appears too smooth, subsequent passes can be made over the surface after the coating has become partially cured, which can be determined by making occasional small spray passes over the previously-sprayed surface to see if the desired texture is maintained.


There are several known lightweight fillers, namely, the group consisting of perlite, glass microballoons glass bubbles, phenolic microballoons, Q cel microspheres, and extendospheres. If the surface texture cures to be too dry and the aggregate flakes off, a hhs of hd epoxy paint without the aggregate can be prepared and sprayed lightly on the surface to seal the flaking aggregate surface.

USA – Textured coating and method of applying same – Google Patents

The coating as recited in claim 2, in which said epoxy paint has a first volume and said filler has a second volume about equal to said first volume. Self-priming coating for marginally prepared substrates. It is still further desirable that repairs can be made to the underlying substrate and then textured coating applied to the repaired area so as to blend with previously-coated adjacent textured areas. Next, the coating mixture is sprayed onto the desired building surface or substrate, holding the gun head mqcropoxy the same distance from the surface as would be used in any other spray painting situation.

Macropoxy HS Epoxy

Early experimental testing was done using linear polyurethane paint as the medium to which the aggregate filler was added rather than high-solids polyamide epoxy being used as the medium, but the linear polyurethane paint with aggregate filler was found to be markedly inferior to the epoxy with aggregate filler, and use of the linear polyurethane paint with aggregate filler was discovered to require that another coat of linear polyurethane paint without aggregate filler be applied on top of the linear polyurethane paint with aggregate filler in order to achieve even a minimally acceptable hard surface.

Perlite is a well-known generic term for naturally occurring silicous rock, namely, sodium potassium aluminum silicate, typically of volcanic origin. If certain areas of the building surface e.

Dry plaster mix comprising aggregate, clay, cellulose derivative and amine aldehyde resin. After the sweat-in time interval has passed, the aggregate filler is added to the epoxy in the proportion of about equal volume amounts of filler and epoxy. DICAPERL expanded perlite is commonly used in the fiberglass industry as a lightweight filler for extending resin and for lightweight putties.


Not a member yet Register now Forgot username? Article Rating Macrropoxy Votes. Subscribe to knowledgebase Get notified when new articles are added to the knowledgebase. US USB1 en The texture-coated surface macropoyx then left to cure for the recommended curing time for the epoxy.

Sherwin-Williams – Macropoxy HS Epoxy

Surface 21 may be, for example, fiberglass, metal, masonry, high-density foam, painted wood and other materials used on the interior and exterior of buildings. System Three Resins, Inc. It shall be understood that the scale of the coating 20 and surface 21 is greatly exaggerated, for the sake of illustration, with respect to the spray gun 26 and supply vessel If the coating mixture appears too wet, the operator simply increases the distance to the surface by an inch 2. The texture aggregate filler macgopoxy that is mixed with the epoxy paint 22 preferably us of expanded perlite.

Such an improved coating should be able to be applied using a conventional spray gun nacropoxy that application of the coating can be accomplished after all building panels and trim are installed, thereby permitting on-site covering of all joints, screw heads, etc.

It is an object of the present invention to provide an improved textured coating and method of applying same that is able to cover fiberglass, metal, masonry, high-density foam, painted wood and other materials used on the interior and exterior of buildings providing fine uniform coverage with a durable and hard finish having the look and feel macorpoxy cut stone and able to withstand years of abuse.

Macrlpoxy mixture is then power blended very gently so that the aggregate filler is not significantly crushed; if desired, the mixture could instead be stirred with a paint stirring stick to ensure that the expanded perlite bubbles do not become broken.

Required, but not published. Ken Hankinson, Fiberglass Boatbuilding for Amateurs