Manual urgente para radialistas apasionados. Front Cover. José Ignacio López Vigil. José Ignacio López, – pages. MANUAL URGENTE PARA RADIALISTAS APASIONADAS Y APASIONADOS . A production of María and José Ignacio López Vigil, with the support of the Syd. José Ignacio Lopez Vigil is the author of Las mil y una historias de Radio Venceremos ( avg Manual urgente para radialistas apasionadas y apasionados.

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Ordinarily one criticizes what one doesn’t know. Some people might be thinking that the difference between some radios and others lies in the urgentd of production.

López Vigil, José Ignacio

Perhaps because of our lack of resources, we begin with second-hand equipment and improvised announcers. People can recognize themselves and identify with community radio, in addition to communicating among themselves.

Today, in our global village, after so many centuries and so many scientific advances, something similar is happening. The house must be ventilated, the windows opened. As Mariano Valderrama, a Peruvian communicator, noted astutely, “One thing is non-profit and another is non-productive. Just as they do with nature, they try to tear down our peoples’ cultural biodiversity.

Just Jesus Volume II: The Message of a Better World by José Ignacio Lopez Vigil

The way things are going, maybe it is already the first. But this valuable treasure is collective, humanity’s patrimony.

This is no joke. In such a large country, many stations can run from the same frequency without interference. No development project will be successful if the target population does not take ownership of it.

We are talking about people playing a lead role in development plans. The scenes are too similar: I think that the degree to which the audience takes ownership of a station is more important than legal ownership. It is so insignificant that airport security confuses it with a toy. The technological means is changed paper, waves, bits but not the right. We talk about small stations. Isn’t the most meaningful definition of culture the act of making people aware of the greatness they possess?


However—and this is el hoyo del meolloas the Nicaraguans say, the heart of the matter—we are not in this field for the money. Do they feel it is theirs, that they can participate on it, that they are represented in its messages? A highly political service, of course: To respond, we must first clarify what is not community. Return to Book Page. If equipment is well calibrated, so much space is not needed on the bands; a separation of kilos is enough interstitial channels. Community radio in the commercially dominated media system community radio means radio in the community, for the community, about the community and by the community.

In Australia, public radios. The democratization of communications is directly related to ownership of media. How to resolve the overproduction of Columbia and Warner Brothers if the Europeans insist on watching their own films?

What is Community Radio?

True community radios do not submit to market logic or to propaganda. When radio was born, the written press was full of jealousy, worried that the new media would offer more immediate information. In a two-way process between stations and listeners, we are modeling the radio profile we want and need.

I’m not denying the importance of alternative programs on commercial stations, especially in the big cities. What role do the media have, especially the mass media? I don’t ask where the arrow comes from—I see if it hits the mark. That exercise the right to communication and, particularly, the right to information. We would end up like mules, with reins and blinders.


No one elected them to be representatives, but there they are, smiling and accepted, filling the empty seat left by politicians and union leaders, hierarchies and governors reduced in stature for having taken part in the easy booty of corruption.

Private radio can be as community-oriented as public radio, religious as much as lay, and so can university, union, cooperative, popular, and NGO radio, or even three crazy youth who together make their own transmitter and enter the informal economy with their neighborhood station. The monopoly of communication would reduce us to a situation worse than that of Asimov’s peasants. Home Contact us Archive Subscriptions. We want freedom of antennas.

We said that community radios are at the service of civil society.

apsionados In our countries, television takes the largest slice and radio has to fight over smaller percentages. They try to win votes, persuade future voters and calm down detractors.

What is Community Radio? | amarc

To whom are we referring with this term? And who governs the politicians? On the democratic radio and television stations, the mayor dialogues with neighbors, and businesspeople and workers face each other as do functionaries and taxpayers. It is a dispersed power that joins noble causes as the moment indicates. One can end up losing loez and thinking that everything that comes from apaxionados is better.

Being a community radio is not a declaration of principles signed on the first day of production and then put in a drawer.