LDK mk II. With a lightweight, ergonomic design, the LDK mk II speeds WorldCam version adds support for all recognized worldwide HD formats. The LDK mk II camera head is available in two versions: Standard and WorldCam version adds support for all recognized worldwide HD formats. The Grass Valley Support Services & Training team delivers complete The LDK mk II camera head is available in two versions: Standard and WorldCam.

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Two dedicated digital signal processors DSPs perform all major camera functions i. These CCDs are based on frame-transfer technology so there is no lag or smear in the ldj you create. The camera can be equipped with a Grass Valley SuperXpander large lens adapter and an optional HD high-resolution viewfinder and turn it into a fully featured studio head.

A similar effect is available through frame repeats for the p formats at lower frame rates. An optional zoom-control on the top handle makes awkward ground-level shooting easier, while a rotary TriaxHD connector ensures that its cable does not get in the way.

All other tradenames referenced are service marks, trademarks, or registered trademarks of their respective ldm. A magnesium-alloy body provides a high degree of durability, yet helps keep the camera the lightest in its class. Standard By using the center lines, a 2.


LDK 6000 MCU operations manual

The optional compact HD adapter provides 1. For more information contact your authorized Grass Valley representative or visit us online at www. Dynamic Pixel Management By grouping the vertical sub-pixels on the CCDs to map to the desired line rate, all popular video formats can be acquired without compromising image quality.

With a lightweight, ergonomic design, the LDK mk II speeds production workflows with focus-assist tools and smart cards that store image and operational settings. The advantage of working with this lower line count is that higher odk rates can be used for creating slo-motion effects in post production.

No quality degradation when switching formats. These lxk include one of the broadest selections of standard- and high-definition SD and HD digital video cameras. For example, the p Not only can the camera recall these settings quickly, you can transfer the cards between cameras for fast reconfiguration.

LDK mk II Multi-format HD Camera |

Specifications subject to change without notice. The WorldCam version adds support for all recognized worldwide HD formats, including 24p for digital cinematography acquisition— and provides convenient lsk frame-rate conversion. Alternatively, with the optional Grass Valley SuperXPander or large lens adapter and an optional seven-inch HD high-resolution viewfinder, users can turn the camera into a fully featured studio head in triax mode. Doubled with repeater Triax Cable Max.


Its docking concept, for example, makes it suitable for all applications. And its transmission system interfaces with standard triax- as well as fiber-based infrastructures for maximum flexibility.

Grass Valley LDK Triax Chain, Expander, VF, CCU, and OCP | Allied

These formats provide an impression of motion motion portrayal comparable to that of film cameras running at the same lek. The WorldCam version provides all the functionality of the Standard version as well as support for digital cinematography formats in p and p.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. The DSPs also contain powerful features, such as digital cosmetics with independent, Emmy award-winning dual skin contour circuits to improve facial tones, as well as extensive colorimetry and color-matching capabilities.

Advanced training and proactive support, by reducing down time, keeps your equipment and staff performing at optimum productivity and quality. As a manua, you get cost-effective monitoring and recording combined with the motion portrayal of film cameras. Material acquired in the p By adding an LDK local control panel and an HD recorder, you can also create a cost-effective basic configuration for HD acquisition in the field.