Khajeh-ye Tajdar (Jeld 1 va 2). (The Crowned Master (Vol. 1 and 2)). by Jean Goreh (Author). Be the first to review this product. Ships within weeks. $ Read full articles, watch videos, browse thousands of titles and more on the ” Khajeh-ye Tajdar” topic with Google News. Mohsen Mardani-Kivi, Ahmadreza Mirbolook, Sina Khajeh Jahromi, Melina S Shamshad Ahmad, Owais Ahmad Qureshi, Latif Zafar Jilani, Tajdar Hamesh.

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Kasravi Several marriage contracts, documents, photographs, and objects of everyday life. Failure of intertrochanteric fracture fixation with a dynamic hip screw in relation to pre-operative fracture stability and osteoporosis W.

Collection of letters, photographs, property transaction documents, family papers, marriage contracts, lists of dowry, and a book of prayers. Muhibat Fadavi-Evaz A collection of two amulets and a door lock. A collection of legal khaheh financial documents, including sale and settlements, claims, letters, and family photographs.

Astan-i Quds Collection of various documents held by the Astan-i Quds, including affidavits, settlements, marriage contracts, sale documents, and records of stipends. Control theory Search for additional papers on this topic. Fixation failure commoner with femoral medialization, a comparison of cases.

Qajar Music Collection A collection of photographs, 35 audio files from 17 records, and 35 record labels of the first vocal recordings of three female singers, Iftikhar Khanum, Amjad Khanum, and Zari Khanum; made in Iran. Fairy Palizi Collection of photographs, paintings, booklet of documents, and objects of daily life.

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Samila Amir Ebrahimi A collection of objects, family photographs and an album, a birth certificate and family letters. Collection of essays, anthologies, and miscellaneous writings in various topics, including: Sharafat al-Dawlah Khvajah-nuri Collection of family photographs, legal and financial documents, writings and calligraphy practice.

::Persian Bookshop ():: – Khajeh-ye Tajdar / Vol.1 and 2

For our archives, we have selected images related to the lives of women. March and September of and September of A collection of family photographs, objects, and letters. Abu al-Qasim Imami One sale document. Analysis of the failure mechanism.

Revision surgery for khajen intertrochanteric fractures. Fixation of Intertrochanteric Fractures: Reza Sarabi Aqdam A collection of objects of everyday life, writings, correspondence, and legal and financial documents including sales and settlements, wills, power of attorney, affidavits, and marriage contracts.

A collection of legal and financial documents, including marriage and divorce contracts, settlements, wills, invoices, affidavits, and marriage agreements, along with some letters and notes khajdh 18th to 20th century. Malek National Library and Museum Institute The collection includes a number of manuscripts and marriage contracts, made available to our archive by Malek National Library and Museum Institute.

Women’s Worlds in Qajar Iran

Collection of family photographs, objects of everyday life, and legal and financial documents, including settlements and one marriage contract. A collection of family photographs, birth certificates, tajdra marriage contract, memoirs, and an taidar with Taj Iran Zarghami, the daughter of Turan al-Dawlah and Arbab Faraj Zargham and the granddaughter of Taj al-Saltanah.


Collection of family photographs, two marriage contracts, and a picture of government seals, all of which belong to Giti Ghajar Davalu. Evaz Museum of Ethnology A collection of objects of everyday life and legal and financial documents including sales and settlements, a will, and a birth certificate.

Google News – Khajeh-ye Tajdar – Latest

A collection of lithographs from Harvard College Library of important works relating to the lives of women in Qajar Iran: Amour Gramophone Record Other reproductions: Tehran University Central Library Manuscripts, including tomes of poetry, travelogues, books of advice, anthologies, as well as marriage contracts.

Keshvaralmolook Molkara Collection of family photographs, a marriage contract, and an audio conversation with Hadi Nik Khvah. A collection of legal documents, including marriage contracts, divorce settlements, dowry registries, and other settlements.

A collection of photographs, a marriage contract, a partial biography, and miscellaneous writings. Manutchehr Malekqasemi Collection of family correspondences and photographs, postal cards, objects of daily life, and legal and financial documents.

A collection of tajsar and financial documents including: