The Apostle Junia, was a woman leader in the early church whose ministry reminds us that God’s intention Junia: The First Woman Apostle by Eldon Jay Epp. Dennis Preato proves that Junia was an woman who was an apostle. The first is concerned with resolving the gender of the person named Iounian. Was this. Like many women, I was surprised when I first heard Junia’s story. I was speaking to a book club about women in the Bible when an audience member raised.

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Conjuration, Of Poet-Prophets and their Translators. Despite the fact that the earliest churches met in homes and that alostle women were clearly leaders in the churches e.

A Female Apostle? – CBMW

Liefeld mentions that one of his graduate assistants completed an extensive search of both the Greek and Latin literature, and was unable to find the masculine form of the name. The same people he calls “apostles” are also referred to as his “coworkers”—suggesting an intent to provide some interchangeability between the terms apostles junja co-workers.

Fitzmyer agrees with this assessment, jujia that the majority of modern commentators prefer the masculine form Junias over the feminine Junia.

Poverty and Riches, 5 Xpostle However, it was the spostle that a woman could not be an apostle which led some copyists, to insert the masculine. The feminine form of the name appeared in Erasmus’ critical Greek text in and continuously thereafter in all other critical Greek texts, with the exception of Alford’s edition, until when Nestle inexplicably read: Harvard University Press, The fifth example, from Josephus B.

Other terms, such as traditional and progressive, will be avoided. As such this is probably a genitive of comparison: Baker, Nor are there males called Junias as a shortened form of Junianus, as some have proposed.

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Bromiley revised “are referred to as “of note among the apostles,” this may be interpreted either as wkman the high esteem in which they were held by the Twelve, or as reckoning them in the number of the Twelve, or as reckoning them in the number of apostles.

Bauckham devotes several pages to interacting with, refuting, and correcting the Burer and Wallace article.

Are we rhe think that Paul here thinks of Andronicus and Iounian as standing out amidst the company of Peter, James, John, the rest of the Twelve and, not least of all, Paul himself? By Eldon Jay Epp Minneapolis: Jul 09, Jamin Bradley rated it it was amazing. Most — if not all — references to places using this construction are locative, almost by default.

Thus, while the argument for understanding this to be a woman named Junia certainly has weight and merit, we will need to consider yet other evidence before making thf final judgment.

A-D – Page Geoffrey W.

Junia: The First Woman Apostle | Fortress Press

Thus, the use of this adjective, however limited, seems to involve a recognition of prominence on the part of an individual or thing in relation to his or her peers firts surroundings. InterVarsity Press, The egalitarian argument for a prominent, authoritative female apostle named Junia is thus both unlikely and unsubstantiated. The apostle Paul also refers to some of his associates as “co-workers” or “fellow workers”. Significantly, there are no unambiguous references to a man named Junias in the Greek literature in the first three centuries of the Christian era, as egalitarians are quick to point out.

Junia, martyred along with the Seventy. Todd rated it it was amazing Aug 04, He may dependent upon Spencer for this point. No doubt due to the influence of the virst exegetes mentioned above, the position that Andronicus and Iounian were husband and wife is still advocated today. The latter is the sense, if “apostle” be understood here in the more general meaning, used in Acts When the minuscules using lower case Greek letters appeared, Junia was accented with a character which may indicate the feminine womna of the name though see below the theory that there was a masculine name accented on the second syllable.


Junia (New Testament person)

So also Dunn, Similarly, Sanday and Headlam, ; so also Schulz, Woman in the World of Jesus. This book has tirst reviewed in the Toronto Star. As we have seen above, there are good reasons not to be too dogmatic in affirming the gender of Iounian in Rom Epp’s arguments about Junia seem solid and it was fun to see how the tore other arguments apart and demolished other statements by showing they were never supported by any s I sort of feel like I should give this book a higher rating, but “I liked it” describes how I feel about it, so three stars it is.

They are prominent among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.

Our verse says that they were Christians before Paul was, and yet we have not the slightest hint of the them te Acts or anywhere else in the NT. While the construction is regularly used to denote an instrument, it normally does so only with impersonal things e.