The Apostle Junia, was a woman leader in the early church whose ministry reminds us that God’s intention Junia: The First Woman Apostle by Eldon Jay Epp. Dennis Preato proves that Junia was an woman who was an apostle. The first is concerned with resolving the gender of the person named Iounian. Was this. Like many women, I was surprised when I first heard Junia’s story. I was speaking to a book club about women in the Bible when an audience member raised.

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Indeed, how great is the wisdom of this woman that she was even deemed worthy of the title of apostle. Thus, while the clear majority of the Church Fathers adopt a feminine reading of Rom Only one record of the male name “Junias” has been discovered in extra-biblical Greek literature, which names him as the bishop of Apameia of Syria. However, the masculine form is preferred in the UBS New Testament, 4th edition, which matches the 27th edition of the Nestle-Aland text the latest editions of each text.

The fact that we have no extant references to any man with the name Junias — except perhaps for Rom See, however, the critique by T. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you have studied another language, you know that, in highly inflected languages like Spanish, French, German, or Greek, words have different endings depending on how they are used in a sentence. The Double Identification Problem in Romans Editrice Pontificio Instituto Biblico, One of these, the important papyrus P46, along with several other less important manuscripts and versions, reads Ioulian. It seems odd that Paul would not refer to two apostles until well into his greetings; one would think that they would be more prominent among the individuals mentioned.


Instead, for the New Testament we have thousands of copies of copies of copies, no two exactly alike. This then means a different approach to the “clobber texts” of those who oppose the ordination of women need to be re-evaluated.

A Female Apostle? – CBMW

According to the Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church, Rufinus was important as a translator of Greek theological works into Latin because the knowledge of Greek was declining in the West. Skip to main content. There are later references as well, e.

To say that no commentator held Iounian to be masculine is much different from saying that the Junai Fathers unanimously agreed that it is feminine. Andronicus and Junias very well could have been two men that Paul referred to in the same breath because they had these certain things in common with each other.

Women Called to Ministry Nashville: Because later theologians and scribes could not believe or kunia to suppress that Paul had numbered a woman among the earliest churches’ apostles, Junia’s name was changed in Romans to a masculine form. First, this absence of the male equivalent could be explained by the process of forming nicknames in Greek.

Junia (New Testament person) – Wikipedia

junai He does acknowledge that the Twelve were all male, but appeals to their uniqueness to suggest that all-male leadership is not normative for the church. Poverty and Riches, 5 Strathfield: The feminine form of the name appeared in Erasmus’ critical Greek text in and continuously thereafter in all other critical Greek texts, with the exception of Alford’s edition, until when Nestle inexplicably read: Our writer’s guidelines are here.


The Greek text as found in NA26 has a circumflex accent over the alpha, denoting the accusative masculine singular of the masculine name, Junias. Views Read Edit View history.

Junia: The First Woman Apostle

Whatever is said here in Rom Daughters of the Church: Woman in the World of Jesus. In this section, I intend to jnuia that Iounianwhether male or female, was a member of the third group, and did not exercise governing authority over churches. For any woman who thinks that biblical textual criticism is incomprehensible or boring, akin to nanotechnology or astrophysics, you ought to try this book.

No conclusion can be drawn from the masculine gender of the associated words in the same verse, since they apply also to the male Andronicus. The original autographs of all biblical documents no longer exist. While the preponderance of occurrences of the feminine form in Latin literature suggest that the person referred to in Rom The problem with Iounianof course, is that it is a NT hapax.