John Kanary. likes · 2 talking about this. Decide Believe Begin. The latest Tweets from John Kanary (@johnkanary). John Kanary International is a personal and professional development organization dedicated to. There is an interesting story concerning John Kanary, which would be very appropriate to share with you here, since it illustrates both the power of “imaging”, .

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When John Kanary finished, I told him what I had told all the others: Click here to return to previous aknary. John read hundreds of books – he “devoured” tem.

You will have to do a tremendous amount of studying, because you not only have to know what to say, but you must also have the answers to a thousand and one questions arising as a result of what you say. He also explained that he was prepared to pay the price, whatever it might be.

In the beginning he would be so full of fear, he would be soaking wet. What Other People Are Saying? Online video course that comes with a membership area and over 9 hours of high performance content. Complete personal development and sales training uohn, includes workbook.

But despite all this, he continued. I’ll be happy to talk to you then, kqnary I don’t promise to be too alert after flying all night”.

I told him what to read and what to do and he read it and did it.

His presentation is perfected. Then he would conduct part of a seminar himself.


Make sure you understand that, John. Own and dominate your goals.

Heritage | John Kanary

Although I had known John Kanary for a couple of years and manary talked with him on many occasions, I certainly ksnary not know him as intimately as I do at the time of this writing. In almost every seminar I conduct there is a man or woman in the jogn who wanted to do “what I am kanaey.

I’ll have to change terminals and I leave from the second terminal, one hour and fifty minutes later. Joun was remembering al the traveling, the fear of standing up and speaking in a large hotel ballroom crowded with people who wanted you to get them excited, but who were mentally putting you on trial at the same time, thinking “does this guy know what he is talking about?

There is an interesting story concerning John Kanary, which would be very appropriate to share with you here, since it illustrates both the power of “imaging”, as well as “persistence”. It is also worth mentioning that John had to get up early enough to drive the miles from Belleville to Toronto, to meet my 7: There is part of you engaged in this physical realm, that side that can feel the supple texture of fine leather, enjoy the flavor of a well prepared salade nicoise, absorb the beauty of mingling colors on a canvas painted by Marc Chagall, languish in the resonance of Imagine starting a dealership for an international office products company and becoming recognized just three years later as the number one dealership worldwide.

He has spoken in almost every major city in North America. I asked John to wait while I looked over my calendar; it was, jojn the vernacular – packed tight. It is next to impossible, for example, to have a sick person teaching “health”.


Finally I would have him open and close the seminars. John Kanary is a leading personal and professional development coach who dedicated over 42 years of his life to increase effectiveness, unlocking potential and inspiring change, courage, commitment and tremendous results. He narrated them onto tapes and then played the tapes in the car. To get to Chicago I have to go through Toronto. I returned the call and after a couple of minutes of small talk, John said it was rather important that he meet with me, as he had something he wanted to discuss and he preferred not to “go into it” on the telephone.

John was no exception, in one sense – he still wanted to go ahead. It always has and it always will.

John Kanary

I remember that all John said was, “I’ll kanayr there”. As I was listening, the same images that I had with all the others were flashing through my mind. He has also earned more in one day than he was earning in a year when I first met him!

Attitude by John Kanary http: Now, here I was in Toronto with a friend who, as I have already mentioned, I did not know that well, and he was asking what “he had to do”.