Just some personal, non-exhaustive notes I made on John Bevere’s Undercover series. I’ve reached lesson 8 so far. I hope that they will help you, as you study. Under Cover has ratings and 90 reviews. Karen said: Are you Undercover, by John Bevere is a must read for anyone ready for the next level. It is full of. It’s humbling to realize that our opinion about elected or appointed leaders in our communities, counties, state, and country should have.

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Daniel disobeyed the command. If you have truly come to know God, you love His authority. To return to true appointed authority, it is difficult to honor and obey when we do not see authority through eyes enlightened by the fear of the Lord.

Do not be deceived like Adam and Eve: Second, he dealt with Herod from his position of authority as a prophet of God. Bfvere will abound, the agape love of many will grow cold.

It explains what will happen to those who disobry God and the protection that is freely availible to the Christian who chooses to live a life of obedience to God. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: And all will be well. I was also able to see bsvere own flaws, faults, and disobedience that may have been overlooked unndercover viewed as acceptable in God’s eyes because I obeyed partially.

Want to Read saving…. If you are American and love democracy or had helicopter parents, you may very nudercover look totally different after reading this book. As long as we are covered by Christ, We are right where we belong He mocked the false prophets of Baal and Asherah, and the gods they represented. Obey and submit to those who rule over your souls: Is the Will always determined by underciver Strongest Motive?


Double honour to the elders.

When we behave and speak in this manner, we add to the power unfercover lawlessness at work today. How we speak about people in government and authority shows our honor for God!

Bevere, i learn, with the mistakes Great book. Was David a Sinner at Birth? If you obey authority, you will stand with the minority in the church. Many people throw this book up as a way of pointing out what they assume the Pastor’s motives were and I am free of contempt and bitterness.

Under Cover: The Promise of Protection Under His Authority

I thank God that He loves me so much that He would lead me into an encounter with him through the writings of one of His servants.

Jul 20, Deborah rated it did not like it. I disagree completely and find that that opinion comes from flighty Christians that mistake their emotions with the Holy Spirit. The pastor shared the vision with his people, and in one offering they raised every bit of what was needed. Firmly implanted within their lives are reverential fear and respect for all in leadership because God has delegated His authority.

Bevere, i learn, with the mistakes he had done, we learn and I share it and I just follow it.

Aug 25, Bernadette rated it it was amazing. In this book, he shows how one can stay under the covering of God, and also some of the ways Satan uses to strip God’s covering from believers without them even realizing it.

If something is more important than instantly obeying the word of the master, it lines up with the word of sin. Sin is lawlessness; not submitting to the authority or law of God. He is way ahead of whom He has appointed. I have a friend who pastors in the state where the governor was dishonored by the radio station host.


Where does it finally come to a place where it beverr to an end concerning obedience? Come share your thoughts with us on our blog.

Honoring Authority – John Bevere – Under Cover – FaithGateway

There is freedom in submission, there is bondage in rebellion. Disobedience beverw rebellion and we don’t want to rebel and make God our enemy. As long as we are undercovfr by Christ, We are right wh Although I like some other books by John Bevere, this book was based on an Old Testament view of leadership.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil represented a source for right and wrong outside of God. They expected Him to come in a different way.

John Bevere – Undercover Notes

What does being A Peacemaker require of You? Balaam was a prophet of YHWH. Does Romans 5 teach that Sin is imputed to all Descendants of Adam? But I really believe it was God leading me to read the book because it spoke to me so much! So sad to find out that this author has been duped by this doctrine. He provides plenty of examples of those in the bible who did and didn’t.

God did not raise up any Moses leader in the New Testament undercofer expect people to follow, obey, hold his hands up, and never challenge his word.

When the congregation dedicated a new building, many city officials attended, and jon still attend.