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The Elements of Color 7 types of colour On one occasion, Kurt Kranz escorted them to show the Bauhaus.

Johannes Itten – L’Art de la Couleur.pdf

Japan, Sasagawa bought a book recommended by Itten. Kuniyoshi Obarathe founder of Tamagawa-Gakuen-school, who was staying in Berlin at the time on his observation trip of the European and American educational systems, watched Mizukoshi give Nanga lessons to Itten and students of the Itten-Schule.

The book contained their report on Ittens educational methods. Hans Kayser was a music theorist, who developed the studies on Pythagoras System and Keplers Harmonica mundi.

Mizukoshis teaching methods were similar to those of Yi Jing, a Japanese painter described in Georg Muches Blick punkt.

It was ittdn clear who introduced Ittens teaching methods described in this book.

During his stay in Berlin, Mizukoshi gave lessons on Nanga, a type of Japanese painting drawn with brush and ink, at the Itten-Schule and the private residence of AlekisanAlexander Nagai, the commercial attach at the Japanese Embassy in Berlin. In the letter, he requested, I have a favor to ask the both of you. Would you send me select good brushes? Yamawaki and decided to study at the Itten-Schule instead [9].

The aims of education at the Itten-Schule were to lead the creative ability in humans, to develop, and to teach methods in art education in accordance with the students special talents and abilities [1]. Prospectus of Itten-Schule, private collection It is the wonderful fusion of east-west intelligence and sensibility in design education.


Johannes Itten – L’Art de la

Ohchi learned of Ittens color training methods from the students who had studied at the Itten-Schule, and in he took Eva Plauts seminars on Itten Methods, and taught Ittens design education in Japan.

We offer training to build the energy for simplicity of the mind and spiritual concentration. Daigaku-Bijutsukyouiku-Gakkaishi, 25, From Mizukoshi, Itten earnestly studied Nanga and learned to grasp the essentiality of objects and to express them in symbolism.

Itten glued printed material including sznke photograph of Mizukoshis portrait and postcard of Mizukoshis exhibition works in his private diary. We learned a lot from him. Nagai played the role of mvszets Itten and the Japanese painters together.

Heart and hand must be One. Walter Gropius participated in the architectural examinations at the Itten-Schule. She lived in Japan from to and taught the Itten Methods in Tokyo. Ittens educational methods were passed on to the Jiyu-Gakuen-school after Yamamuro and Sasagawa returned to Japan. According to the prospectus of the Itten-Schule, the educational course was divided into basic education and specialized education.

It is assumed that Itten needed good brushes for Japanese painting lessons. He noted that the Itten Method allowed an orderly experience of important sensations and the ability to polish these sensations in minimal time, and that it had the necessary training program to develop color sensations and adopted them in his teaching program [25].

Johannes Itten – A Sznek Mvszete

He developed his thinking and came to the conclusion that Japanese Zen spirituality was useful in human education through arts. El Arte Johannes Itten Documents. Johannes Itten Itten: The specialized education course included architecture, photography, advertisement, mode, textile, etc.

Thus, Itten had discovered Japanese Zen spirituality was mmvszete not only in the professional education of the arts but in the area sznnek human education as well. Yumejis influence is clearly demonstrated. Relationships among Mizukoshi, Ohara, and Itten, the details of Mizukoshis lessons, and the details about Yi Jing are from the following treatise: Their statements showed clearly how Itten emphasized joannes importance of Nanga.


This Japanese instructor may actually be Yumeji. After visiting Itten at his residence inTezuka wrote that Itten enthusiastically talked about the techniques and spirituality of Japanese art and that Tezuka was impressed by the deep insight Itten held towards Japanese art [28].

During their study abroad, they visited Bauhaus three times. Eva Kayser sent Sasagawa and Yamamuro the photographs taken of Eva and her father in Switzerland with the letters described above.

It is well known that Itten was interested in Asian philosophy since he was a young man and talked about Lao-tze who had pointed out the essence of a wheel, a house, a pot, etc. He is holding an exhibition now [20]. It also contained illustration excerpts from a special article on the Itten-Schule in Die Form in and the details of Ittens teaching methods, such as the contrast of Light and Dark [15].

Brush Drawing according to the Chinese-Japanese Methods was added to the Itten-Schule practice because after receiving the Nanga lessons directly from Mizukoshi, Itten was convinced that Nanga was an important element that needed to be included in the basic education. Since Itten had learned of the Japanese art directly from Mizukoshi and Yumeji in the early s, he acquired the knowledge of energy of a line, the contrasting expression of lines and perception of the essence of objects.