JAN TOPOROWSKI. CURRICULUM VITAE. 1 Mall Studios. Tasker Road. London NW3 2YS. Telephone: Facsimile: e-mail. Publications on Jan Toporowski. There is 1 publication for Jan Toporowski. by Hyman P. Minsky and the theory of capital market inflation by Jan Toporowski. Jan Toporowski WP 6 Leader. SCHOOL OF ORIENTAL ANDAFRICAN STUDIES, SOAS, LONDON, UK. [email protected] is Professor of Economics and.

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Michal Kalecki’s legacy, an interview with Jan Toporowski | World Economics Association

By contrast, Keynes never properly put aside the idea, topkrowski in his earlier work, that the business cycle can be managed somehow by monetary policy.

Science and Society78 1, pp You may use these HTML tags and attributes: This is that a free market capitalist economy cannot be brought into an efficient, full employment, equilibrium by price and wage flexibility. I discovered Kalecki when I was studying economics at Birkbeck College in the late s. It was only during the last thirteen years of his life that he worked in a university and even then this was on sufferance on the part of the university, since he had no university degree.

Research Topics

But he was unsuccessful in America, in large part because of the anti-Communist fervour of late s and early s: Toporowski, Jan ‘Regulating for stability: Tporowski International Studies in Money and Banking. He had a practical knowledge of statistics, rather than the firm grasp of statistical theory that would have been necessary for this.


Cozzi, Giovanni and Toporowski, Jan The balance sheet approach to financial crisis in emerging markets. Essays in Honour of Sam Aaronovitch.

Jan Toporowski – Wikiquote

Unemployment and excess capacity is the natural state of capitalist economies, along with poverty and the more or less blatant autocracy of business interests. Toporowski, Jan ‘Minsky’s ‘induced investment and business cycles”.

Moreover, unlike Keynes, and even his own friend the Polish Marxist Oskar Lange, Kalecki was not interested in any aspect of economics that did not have a bearing on the problem of how explain and model the business cycle. Following the crisis ofacademic economics is not short of critical, even contemptuous, attitudes among economists for those who do not adhere to their particular school of thought whether heterodox or mainstream. Revista de Economia Mundial46pp There are two ways in which his work addresses our current situation and concerns.

Recent comments on articles. Bank of Finland Research Discussion Papers Studi e Note di Economia15 3, pp Volume 2 of Essays in Honour of Tadeusz Kowalik. Revue d’economie financiere67pp History of Political Economy42 2, pp Toporowski, Jan The End of Finance: Rendezvous in CambridgePalgrave Macmillan, July In part this was because Keynes needed to find a place in his macroeconomics for his highly original monetary analysis whereas Kalecki, having determined that money plays a largely passive role in the business cycle, was less interested in the financial circulation of money.

Toporowski, Jan ‘International credit, financial integration and the Euro’.

The Fellowship was for one year. Tavasci, Daniela and Toporowski, Jan, eds. How might he be relevant today? First of all we are supposed to train economists who will work in jaan and government, where their supervisors have expectations that their new staff will be familiar with certain ideas and not challenge them with new ones.


This is an approach to economics wholly different to the standard general equilibrium theory that has prevailed since the end of the nineteenth century. Nan Interpretations of the Grundrisse. So, in the end it was not so much a choice, as a way of saving my career and paying toporowksi to economists, like Kalecki, who have illuminated economics for me and those, like Geoff Harcourt, Victoria Chick, Charles Goodhart and my family who have supported me through a troubled career.

This list was last generated on Monday, 31st December What made you choose to write a biography of Michal Kalecki? The Revolution in Lodz and the turbulence in that city right up into the s brought home to him that capitalism is not just about the distribution of income and the allocation of resources. It was not a matter of choice.

Professor Jan Toporowski Email address: The circulation of money is determined by business investment, and not by credit policy. Toporowski, Jan ‘Multilateralism and Military Keynesianism: The macroeconomics taught at the time and still today was all about the general equilibrium that is supposed to be immanent in the economy.