This tutorial covers a core set of Intel XDK features to help you learn the app development workflow.; Author: Android on Intel; Updated: 14 Jan. In this Article we will discuss about Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK. Cross platform development stands for write a single. Building Mobile Apps Using Intel® XDK. iOS, Android and Windows Phone Development. (17). students. Created by QScutter Tutorials. Last updated 6/.

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Now that you are confident your XDKTutorial app works properly on virtual devices, it is time to run it on a real mobile device. App Starter only supports App Framework. Software environment that simulates a real mobile device.

Now that you have your project xdm in Intel XDK, you can edit some settings, in particular the App Versionthe App Name and the orientation landscape or portrait.

Cross Platform Development using Intel XDK tutorial

The App Designer is a round-trip editor. These configuration files are stored in your project directory.

For more details, see Device Emulator Limitations. Get To Know the Floating Device Window After you start the simulatorthe virtual device window pops up in a separate window.

You can outsource your app development to me. It does not modify actual source code.


Getting Started With Mobile Apps Tutorial | Intel® Software

It is a framework for building web sites and mobile responsive sites. Finally, if needed you can activate third-party plugins: Your development machine displays a Please sync with our testing server inrel the first time you click the TEST tab for a project.

Its appearance can change as your application executes code and Cordova plugins within the simulator.

Create your new app. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Use the Intel XDK on your development tutoriasl and the App Preview tool on your test mobile device to evaluate — over the network — how your app looks and performs on a real physical mobile device without performing a full build. In the device window, change the virtual device orientation. Intel is inside more and more Android devices, and we have tools and resources to make your app development faster and easier.

To do it, click on Projects in the top-leftthen choose your project and on the right open Build Settings:. The x86 APK is only for some devices like tablets that use an Intel processor. The developer can make use of the common hardware features on all mobile devices and have the UI specific for each OS platform. After you start the simulatorthe virtual device window pops uttorials in a separate window.


The Intel XDK operates on only one project at a time. The same instructions also a After a time ,your app will be ready. Click on the big Build App Now tuorials.

Intel XDK Complete Tutorial

Suppose you have developed you app layout for pixels width. Edit project settings in Intel XDK. Requires minimal setup; avoids potential firewall and network tutoirals issues; you can pull your files down anytime from anywhere in the cloud. App that executes on a real mobile device.

On a test mobile device: It also supports developing Internet of Things Node. One of the best things about cross-platform mobile application development is, once the app is developed, it can be launched on multiple OS. I need help to build my app to android or mac and when I run the app in the mobile device with simulate; the app can not connect with the local host.

Intel XDK allows applications to access In the file tree, open the file that needs to be modified.