Service Intangibility means that services cannot be seen SERVICES Intangibility Inseparability Variability Perishability Services cannot be. Four Major characteristics of services:1) Intangibility 2) Inseparability 3) Variability 4) Perishability Intangibility *Lack of tangible assets which. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Service Characteristics Intangibility Inseparability Variability Perishability Can’t be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before.

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Reach her at cc rethinkmarketing. Beaven and Scotti claim that services cannot be intangible because they result in tangible results. Marketers could also stimulate the use of word-of-mouth communication in order to create a strong organizational image Zeithaml et al. U doing a great job.

Intangibility is considered to be a key characteristic of services and the most important difference between goods and services, from which all other differences emerge Zeithaml et al. Keep me signed in. This is the reason why the management should make sure that the customers involved in the service do not interfere with each other satisfaction Kotler et al. The most important characteristics of services are:. There are a lot of services that involve tangible processes and tangible outcomes that customers experience through their senses during the delivery of the service.

Intangibility means that cannot be seen, tasted, felt, heard or smelled before they are bought thus the customer cannot evaluate it.

Even the least competent Medical professionals could give the intangibilitty with high level of satisfaction by paying careful attention to other aspects of the service encounter Sargeant, Anonymous July 4, at 7: The use of reliable equipment and technology rather than human labor makes it possible to achieve high degrees of reliability and standardization Jobber, Anonymous July 13, at 5: Any service provider may organize their physical setting to perceive that they have got quick and efficient service perishabilitt their customers.


Also, variability is why it can be risky to have one person make the sale and establish the relationship, and another deliver the service. Zeithaml and Bitner said that intangibility determines if the offering is service or a product however Bowen argued that intangibility has been over emphasized and it is difficult to understand.

What is a service? I hope to give something back and aid others like you helped me. Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu. Not only that they could share the service when required or whenever possible and also plan ahead for future expansion Langford, First, the client is, essentially, “in the factory,” watching production all along the way. Nad store the knowledge they gained in university for life.

The pricing should also be kept simple and clear with no hidden charges for the customers Langford, It refers to the fact that the quality of services can vary greatly, depending inseparabilihy who provides them and when, where and how.

For example, the production and consumption perishabipity a medical exam happen together, as do peroshability consulting services and IT maintenance contracts.

Four Factors That Distinguish Services Marketing

The service sector should also standardize the service throughout the organization. However, these characteristics have not been variiability or theoretically tested. This will help to attract some customers in the off peak time.

For example, scheduled airline service is highly standardized in design but it offers intanginility customized modules, such as alternative schedules, service to and from different airports, different classes and prices, seat location, and a selection of drinks, food, and other amenities Lovelock and Gummesson, The management should closely look at the pedishability marketing mix of the services described above.

It is called as the quality gap. Communication can come from a variety of sources. Thus, the field of services marketing needs a new paradigm so that it could remain relevant in the future, as well.


Characteristics of Services: What makes a Service so special?

In restaurants the management gives importance to the food quality but they neglect the impact that front line staffs would cause in their services. Thanx so much, u’ve helped me a lot.

Intangibillity guys for your replies. The Final Factor What’s right for your services organization? Services entitle the consumer to an experience and this experience cannot result in an ownership Edgett and Parkinson, Thus, another option for the development of services marketing is to distinguish among different types of services and not to look at services as a general category.

Santos argued perishablity even though intangibility is an important characteristic of service, tangibility has more important role in the service sector. Services could also be inventoried – in machines and buildings Lovelock and Gummesson, Another way to balance supply-demand issues is through the use of retainer agreements.

The interviews show how the customer relationship can be maintained by the behavior of the front line personnel. Role of Reference Prices in Pricing Decisions Martin is an assistant professor of business at Central Oregon Community College. Essay UK – http: Unlike the other three characteristics, perishability primarily is a concern of the service producer—the client is aware of this factor intanigbility when there is an insufficient supply and he has to wait for the service.

Value-based Market Segmentation — Dividing perisyability Market These were identified in their most common form in Zeithaml et al.