Service Intangibility means that services cannot be seen SERVICES Intangibility Inseparability Variability Perishability Services cannot be. Four Major characteristics of services:1) Intangibility 2) Inseparability 3) Variability 4) Perishability Intangibility *Lack of tangible assets which. Free Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Service Characteristics Intangibility Inseparability Variability Perishability Can’t be seen, tasted, felt, heard, or smelled before.

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They are performed either at a different location or sometimes they are scheduled when the customer is not around. These services result in physical outcomes – new haircut, physical well-being, etc.

Characteristics of Services: What is a Service – And what makes it so special?

I will now discuss each of the unique characteristics of services, some of the problems that they pose for marketers and some possible marketing solutions.

Does your business have peak periods? February 6, 0. Registered Data Controller No: Tangible signals that indicate services quality and value come from personal interaction, trusted recommendations, clear communications, equipment used or processes followed, pricing, and the physical environment in which the business inseparabillity.

Bad service experience forces customers to switch the brand or the service provider in search for the one who provides them with satisfaction Michel et al. Inseparability character might become complicated if the customers are not sure about what they vsriability.


Services entitle the consumer to an experience and this experience cannot result in an ownership Edgett and Parkinson, Because it is critical to services delivery, the success of client interactions should be quantified, measured, and niseparability with regularity.

What is the answer to this challenge? It’s been called “selling the invisible”—delivering intangible services as a core “product” offering.

General Management – Four Factors That Distinguish Services Marketing : MarketingProfs Article

Financial and non financial rewards motivate the staff to deliver the highest slandered of service Langford, Services are a special form of product which consists of activities, benefits or satisfactions offered for sale that are intangible and do not result in the ownership of anything. Services are variable and difficult to control.

This is really very helpful summary. Indeed, users participate in every service production. Now that anf have this information, turn one or more of these service characteristics into a competitive advantage for your business.

Services were regarded as exceptions to the general marketing, that of tangible goods. However, the revenue picture is quite different, which impacts profits. Such services are freight transportation, warehousing, laundry, cleaning, landscaping, and repair or maintenance of equipment and facilities.

Still i would recommend you to read Journals and find out more.

The most important characteristics of services are:. I am afraid not at the moment, but if i get the chance and resources i will for sure!

Services Marketing: Focus on Service Characteristics to Create Competitive Advantage

These could be stored before purchase or consumption. The service sector should be very careful while recruiting the service employee. Equipment such as computers and other machines along with communication and symbol would suggest speed and efficiency of the services. These individuals literally are the embodiment of marketing for the organization.


Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Zeithaml and Bitner said that intangibility determines if the offering is service or a product however Bowen argued that intangibility has been over emphasized and it is difficult to understand.

University of Northampton, Thursday 10th December, Although there may be some initial collaboration between the customer and the service provider when placing the order and paying, the customer is not involved in the production process. Medicine essays Miscellaneous essays Psychology essays Religious studies essays Science essays Sociology essays Essays menu.

Four Factors That Distinguish Services Marketing |

Bachelor — every empty seat on the chairlift is lost revenue. Product Mix decisions — Width, length, depth and consistency. Services could also be inventoried in knowledge and people Lovelock and Gummesson, When demand fluctuates, it can be a challenge to maintain high performance levels.