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certificate of departure (IMM );; immigrant visa and record of landing (IMM )/confirmation of permanent residence (IMM );; visitor record (IMM );. i only have the PR card and i do not remember that i was given the IMM or IMM can any one advice me if i can apply for the. Immigrant Visa and Record of Landing (IMM ); Confirmation of Permanent Residence (IMM or IMM ). Instead, fill out the.

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Jan 5928: Originally Posted by allie2. As has been mentioned it is required for Citizenship apps, plus, and this I find highly amusing given the length of time some people could potentially have to keep it that you need it for pension claims.

In such cases, the officers would need to:.

If they can supply copies then they obviously have it on file, so why do we need to supply it, surely they could just cross reference the PR number and client ID to get your record. In some situations, officers could be completing the processing at a local office, where the application is in the GCMS. Can anyone else confirm? This change would be applicable to cases: From the govt web site: Your Permanent Resident Card number is located in the top left corner on the back of your card.

At the indicated place on the CIC Copy, the issuing office would continue to mount a photo of the holder. You will find this number in the remarks ; section on the bottom right of the Iimm of Landing document issued to you by a Citizenship and Immigration Canada office or by the visa office where you submitted your application.


The Permanent Resident Card number starts with two 2 letters followed by ten 10 numbers Example: We didn’t have ours landed inthought no more of it, then had our citizenship application returned because I thought I’d try it without.

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Find More Posts by Zoe Bell. They also do this to ensure that the photo complies with the prescribed specifications. This effectively hints at an extended transition period, where both of these documents would be in place for the documentation of new Permanent Residents PRs.

Officers granting Permanent Resident PR status would need to fulfill certain responsibilities.

Confirmation of Permanent Residence Document

Thereafter, they would need to enter the number iimm packages they need. This number is all digits. Hi Look at the shiny visa in your passport, it is the This change would be applicable to cases:.

There is only one processing change that officers would need to follow for these cases. They would issue the Client Copy to the client as a historical record. In 5922, plain paper documents are available on demand.

W Therefore, officers would need to ensure that no one folds the documents. They did this to maintain consistency with the current IMM The omm reliance on plain paper documents forms one aspect of this modernisation agenda. Instead, the officers would print these documents on plain paper.


Therefore, in such cases, the officers would need to refer to the data available in the GCMS. Find More Posts by sharkus. All we have is our PR Card. In these circumstances, they would need to present the Client Copy of the IMM along with the passport.

Will this be a problem?

Citizenship Application- IMM // – British Expats

The application says you can write an explanation immm to why you don’t have forms, has anybody done this without a problem? They would be able to spot this item in the drop-down menu. However, they would only issue the Client Copy to the client once the authorities grant Permanent Resident PR status to the client at: Originally Posted by PMM. We have none of these. Therefore, this OB outlines the: In addition, they would also need to check that no one has stapled the photo to the form.

IMM – what does it look like? – British Expats

This number is all digits Example: This would help them secure the photo to the form. I landed in January if this is of any use. Or never got it? Skip to main content Skip to footer. These correspond to relevant client data. They would need to: