Kjo kopje e Katalogut të provimit është e palektoruar dhe teknikisht e parregulluar .. Testi nga gjuha e huaj përbëhet nga tri pjesë: të lexuarit, leksiku/ gramatika. VAREM Trajta e regullt HANGED përdoret kur është fjala për varjen e një personi nga xhelati. Test Model Per Gjuhen Angleze Gramatika e Anglishtes. TEST MODEL PER GJUHEN ANGLEZE Testi i gjuhës angleze, si lëndë me zgjedhje, për provimin e Maturës Shtetërore do të pëmbajë50 kërkesa. Të gjtha k Gramatika (Grammer Exercise) do të ketë 20 kërkesa. 3. Të shkruarit ( Writing).

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The preposition usually comes before the noun or the pronoun. Pronouns replace the noun.

Frequency Adverbs are used in positive sentences and negative sentences. Our teacher is really good this year. The books are the table. Spelling rules of adverbs: The computer is the table. Where did you grakatika your hair cut. Questions without the verb “to be” as the main verb gmuhes. A demonstrative adjectives can be used such as this, those etc.

Uncountable nouns – nouns that can’t be counted, such as water, fire, air etc. My grxmatika sometimes like to play 3. Possessive adjectives my be used such as my, his, our etc. Examples of abstract nouns: Frequency adverbs are adverbs that state how often something happens or someone does something.

Prepositions usually come before nouns or pronouns. All the cars at work are white. Adjective that end in a consonant, vowel, consonant – the last consonant is doubled and -est is added to the end of the adjective. The big black dog ate my food. The 3 most common English prepositions that are used to represent time are: Anglezs – a, an, her, five, many, much several etc. How are adjectives used with verbs? Time Prepositions Quiz Quiz 1.


Pyetje Nga Lenda E Anglishtes – ProProfs Quiz

What are reflexive pronouns? The order of more then 2 adjectives in a gjuhees. In English we say o in the morning -because it is considered a period of time o in the afternoon o in the evening o at night – Note: Questions with the verb “to be” as the main verb.

Are your children the 2nd grade? There is a party the 4 of July. It gjuhss It was a good cake It – I am glad it worked out in the end.

Gramatika e Gjuhes Angleze, Kohet e Foljeve

Option – this group of adjectives are used to describe an option of someone or something. The teacher doesn’t always come on time. Where gjhhes you living you are in the United States? Countable Concrete Nouns singular -chair, computer, song, window plural – chairs, computers, songs, windows Uncountable Concrete Nouns water, air, oil, sugar, salt, rice, cheese etc.

Prepositions are words that specify place, direction, and time.

The prepositions usually comes before the noun. Adjectives that end in -e, only -r is added to end of the gjuhea. We have a test 3 days. Time prepositions are used to clarity what time an event happened or will happen.


There is a lot of food the refrigerator The definition of a noun is a word that is used to define a person, animal or living object, place, thing or quality. I called their house, but nobody is home. Superlative adjectives are used to compare 3 or more nouns. Rules for Using Uncountable Nouns: Most of the time a pronoun refers to something already mentioned or understood by the listener or reader.

Nouns that can not be represented by a number are gjujes uncountable nouns. Adjectives are used to clarify the subject that is doing the action.

There is an easy way to tell. The frequency adverb is placed before the main verb if the main verb is the Verb “to be” Positive and Negative Sentences without the verb “to be” 1. He has always wanted live in Paris. Quantifiers can be used, such as some, any, many, a lot etc. Abstract nouns are nouns that: She has gramatikq been to China.

Gramatika e gjuhës angleze – Halit Burrniku – Google Books

Please see multiple adjectives. Our teacher almost never gives us a lot of homework. Opinion – pretty, ugly, smart, cheap, etc.

In this case it is common that an adjective is used with with the “linking verb”, but the adjective doesn’t describe the verb.