Using FxCop: A Short Tutorial. This section describes how to get up and running quickly with FxCop. While this is not the main focus of this. In this article I will discuss the integrated static code analysis tool (FxCop), introduced with Visual Studio Visual Studio code analysis. It has an graphical user interface () for interactive work, and a command-line tool () suited for use as part of.

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Out of these errors I have picked up Error 13, which is “CA Only Content controls are allowed directly in tutorlal content page that contains Content contr Hope you like this article.

Item — The target item, whether this is the assembly, type or a type member, which generated the message. These messages only appear if the TraceGeneral trace-switch in the FxCop.

You can apply to tutoriaal assembly which been created using any language that target Microsoft. Warning — Messages with this level are identifying issues in your code around maintainability, extensibility and stability.

How to Use FxCop – CodeProject

Only Content controls are allowed directly in a content page that contains Content controls in sharepoint page layout. Double clicking on the error list will redirect you to the specific line where violation occurred. You can also filter the messages by clicking on a group of rules, an individual rule or an assembly, namespace, type or type member. CA violation is shown when a string parameter is declared and variable name contains “uri”, “Uri”, “urn”, “Urn”, “url”, or “Url”.

Then, once a rule violation has been determined, return a Problem or ProblemCollection after making a call to the GetResolution method to retrieve the rule information such as, message, resolution, certainty level, etc. Determine which analyzer package version to install, based on your version of Visual Studio. Download and install FxCop Member 3-Apr 8: Then go to project from the menu bar then click on Add Targets… It will ask you to give the path of your. Keith Barrow Mar You can download it from CodePlex: Enter the following information in External Tools dialog box: The Output tab shows informational, warning and error messages generated by the rules.


All these rule groups are individual XML files found in following path. But it still identifies issues in your code you need to resolve.

How to Use FxCop

Once it is done, click on Analyze button and your screen will look like below: In this post we will discuss how to resolve error: Net code against rules stored in an embedded xml file.

Hi, Kindly follow the below link,As it seems to adjust some project property setting http: After successful rebuild again go to FxCop and analyse it or press “F5”. Example of Code Analysis Violations and Fixes To demonstrate code analysis violations I have created a MVC test application using visual studio applied “Microsoft All Rules” from code analysis tab under project properties and configured my project file to show code violation warnings as errors.

Saving your FxCop project only saves active and excluded messages but not the Absent ones. Add whatever dll that you want to do code analysis for, such as “xyz. Open Source Zone DevX: This becomes very useful when you have excluded or resolved a message and you want to go back and find out what you have changed.

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You can also do this by double clicking on the message and selecting the Unexclude button on the “Message Details” dialog. Very Good Articulation of the information available.

On the “Project defaults” tab, select the Excluded and Absent checkbox under the “Save Messages” group for reporting. The External Tools configuration dialog box is displayed. Member 3-Apr 8: It will launch an empty window similar to the one shown below. Answer Make sure coding standards are followed such as naming conventions, globalization etc.

There are a number of ways to do this. My vote of 5 sathisha.

Looking through the object model of FxCop is time well spent. Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues.

Install FxCop analyzers in Visual Studio

Identifying and correcting critical bugs early in the software development cycle mitigates risks like reducing developer productivity, creating unnecessary bottlenecks in the fxccop development lifecycle, increasing software development costs, etc. Once it is done, click on Analyze button and your screen will look like below:.

Right click on the rules list displays a popup menu which helps to group the rules in three categories:.

Error — Issues at this level have less visibility and impact. Support for creating custom rules.

How to Kill a Long-Running Process. A message can describe an issue in your code which needs to be resolved or you determine after careful review that it is a false-positive. Uri and did necessary modification in the function body.