View and Download Furuno GP operator’s manual online. DGPS NAVIGATOR GPS NAVIGATOR. GP Marine GPS System pdf manual download. Also for. Furuno GP Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Furuno GP Operator’s Manual. User manual for the device Furuno GP Online user manual database.

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Immediately turn off the power at the switchboard if the equipment is emitting smoke or fire. Continued use of the equipment can cause fire or electrical shock.

Use the proper fuse. Use of a wrong fuse can damage the equipment or cause fire. Improper handling can result in electrical shock. Turn off the power at the switchboard before beginning the installation.

Fire or electrical shock can result if the power is left on. Index-1 Declaration of Conformity This equipment is mnaual for use on marine vessels.

Do not use it in other applications. GP system configuration GP system configuration Zoom, centering, or escapes from current opera- tion, depending on display in use. How to attach and remove the hard cover To attach the hard cover, set it to the display unit at an angle. To remove the hard cover, do as follows: Cursor Pad Shifts cursor cursor displayed. The table below shows these indications and their meanings.

Press the [DISP] key to choose a display mode. Each time the key is pressed, the display mode changes in the sequence shown below. Receiver status See table on page 2. Range from own ship RNG: Nav data display The nav data display shows receiver status, position in latitude and longitude or TDscourse Digital display The digital display shows digital navigation data.

The user may choose what data to display in one to four cells. The choices of data are time, speed over ground, cross-track error, odometer distance, position, course over ground, time-to-go to destination, trip distance, power source voltage, range and bearing to waypoint, and estimated time of arrival at destination.

Operate the cursor pad to choose a menu and then press the [ENT] key. The horizontal range in the plotter display is available among 0.


The message shown below appears. Prompt for erasure of track 4. Your ffuruno can store waypoints. Waypoints can be entered on the plotter display three ways: Entering a waypoint at own ship position 1. The following window appears. Mabual name if desired with the cursor pad and then press the [ENT] key.

Press the [MENU] key once or twice to display the menu. Press the [ENT] key. For automatic speed input, go to step 7. ROUTES In many cases a trip from one place to another involves several course changes, requiring a series of waypoints which you navigate to, one after another. The sequence of waypoints leading to the ultimate destination is called a route.

Your unit can automatically advance to the next waypoint on a route, so you do not have to change the destination waypoint repeatedly. If necessary, change waypoint, position, mark shape, and comment date and time. Repeat steps 1 through 5 to complete the route.

Waypoint attribute edit window 8.

” GPS/WAAS NAVIGATOR GP | GPS, Chart Plotter | Products | FURUNO

A track-based route is useful for retracing your track. Press the [MENU] key twice to finish.

Thereafter waypoints are saved at the interval of time or distance set. When 30 waypoints have been saved, a message informs you that you can no longer save waypoints to the route. Choose the route desired. Changing route comment name You can change the comment name for a route as below. Previous destination is cancelled whenever a destination is newly set. Press the [GOTO] key. When an alarm setting is violated, the buzzer sounds and the name of the offending alarm and the alarm icon appear on the display.

Enter the alarm range 0. Press the [MENU] key once or twice to open the menu. Choose appropriate mode referring to the descriptions below. GPS, in order of availability. Choose a station from the list and then press the [ENT] key. The display looks something like the one below.

Furuno GP-32 Operator’s Manual

Screen for entering DGPS station data 7. Choose the chart system used, not the area where your boat is sailing. If you would rather use local time, enter the time difference range: When the 2D mode is selected, enter the antenna height above the waterline, to obtain accurate position data. Use the cursor pad to choose data desired and then press the [ENT] key. Time and date POSN: Power source voltage SOG: Speed over ground COG: Course over ground WPT There are two kinds of data for route data: No position fix is available during uploading or downloading.


Press any key to escape. Waypoint name fixed to 6 bytes Note: A route can contain max. Try to clear backup data. Voltage of battery in display unit is low. Power source voltage too high. Power source voltage too low.

Odometer distance alarm violated. If the fuse blows, find the cause before replacing the fuse. If the fuse blows again after replacement, request service. CNT shows the number of times the test has been executed consecutively. The LCD is checked, and then the test is repeated. To stop the test, turn off the power. When the memory is cleared the default position is restored as below. Refer to the outline drawings at the end of this manual for installation instructions.

For fixing by post or pipe, it is recommended to use stays to secure the post or pipe to prevent damage to the GPS receiver by vibration. Choose a location out of the radar beam. The ufruno holder contains a spring that fixes the fuse. Autopilot data XTE and bearing to waypoint Bearing from own ship to destination Range and bearing to waypoint great circle navigation Furuuno position fixing condition time of fix, latitude, longitude, receiving condition, number of satellites used, DOP Latitude and longitude Loran-C time difference Geodetic Chart List Data 2 Output Data: Also See for GP Operator’s manual – 2 pages.

Page of 88 Go. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Page 3 Immediately turn off the power at the switchboard if the equipment is emitting smoke or fire. Cursor Pad Shifts cursor cursor displayed Page Plotter Display Overview 2. Shifting The Display 2.

Entering The Mob Mark 5. Displaying Waypoint Name 3. Setting Route As Destination 5.