Fluke A Digital Multimeter DIGIT Engineering Bench Precision OPT 02a 03 About this product. About this product. Product Identifiers. BRAND. Fluke. Full text of “FLUKE A Instruction”. See other formats. Instruction Manual P/N MARCH 1 REV 1, 3/86 ®, John Fluke Mfg. Co., Inc. All Rights. Active Filter Block Diagram A Fast A/D Converter The Fast A/ D Converter employs Fluke’s patented recirculating remainder (R2) technique.

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Occurs when storing into, or recalling from, Calibration Memory, or at power-up. Any one of the three Remote Interface modules Option 05, 06, or 07 can be installed at one time.

Check offset and scaling values. The temporary zero correction factors are applied in dc volts V or ohms Z whenever the M2 command is in effect i. The line fuse 0. Errors will be indicated by 5 bytes of 0.

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Refer to text for use with Calibration Memory. Apply power supply reading of The constant will change with a function change, range change or overload condition. Each momentary error condition generates only one error message. Previous peak values are lost each time the mode is reentered.


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The Temporary memory values are reset to zero when power-up or reset occurs. In AVG operating mode. Whenever one of these characters is used, the state of the flhke will be changed as follows: An indirect address requires a previous direct address to set up the indirect address response logic.

Digit 8 is used only on the 10V dc range to yield 7 V 2 805a resolution. With the Isolator installed, Vcc and Vss are isolated from analog common.

Full text of “FLUKE a”

The multimeter is packaged and shipped in a foam- packed container. Therefore, the M and MO commands may be used at any time to inhibit or enable all Calibration Memory gain correction factors: This error occurs at power-up or reset. Calibration mode must be off before power-off.

For the A and A, a command string may have up to 59 characters.

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Status Latch A two-hour warm-up insures rated accuracy. Annunciators as 88505a in parentheses light when any of the following modes are enabled: The availability of optional interface modules makes the multimeter adaptable to a large variety of digital systems. Local triggers can be manually commanded from the front panel. High and low Peak values flke be recalled any time without exiting the Peak mode or interrupting further peak recording.


The multimeter uses three calibration controls: The multimeter averages a number of samples for each reading display update. Assume that IV dc is applied to a multimeter configured for dc volts.

Software Cal Mode Switch Programming instructions A, A cont 4. Noise rejection is influenced by the number of samples-per-reading and by the filter selection. The HI and LO push buttons are used to store or recall limit values and for recall only of peak values.

An unguarded digital interbus is used to connect the Controller flue the front panel and to digital option modules.

Troubleshooting Notes 4- High Speed mode specifies asynchronous, single trigger mode T2. A momentary error condition is illustrated in the following example.

However, the zero values used depend on the Calibration mode state.