Eurit and swissvoice. Views. 6 years ago. Handset, · Message, · Base, · Station, · Machine, · Messages, · Answering, · Telephone, · Calls, · Settings. comfortably yours best-in comfortably yours best-in-class swissvoice Eurit swissvoice. Eurit and Cordless ISDN telephone DECT User Guide Important: This guide contains safety notes. Please read it before using your telephone and keep .

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External calls Dialling from the redial register Off-line call preparation The last 15 names or numbers dialled are stored automatically and can be redialled using the redial register. Great, unique design forward phone by Swissvoice. If several providers are active, the provider is selected according to the following priority: Provider services Mailbox Showing other messages If you also have new messages on the answering machine or new entries in the call register, this is now displayed in relevant order.

Page 72 Setting the answering machine Functions for each MSN user Setting the number of rings The answering machine can be used for each user, i. Telefonkabel Telefonledningen til telefonen har to ulike plugger: Page 54 Call charges and call duration During outgoing calls, your telephone displays the charges and call duration, if your provider supplies the charge pulses.

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During an external call you can switch the loudspeaker on at the base station Eurit only. Gjenta nummer Hans Muster i V v Det sist valgte nummeret eller navnet blir vist. Service functions Babyphone Page 89 General information Guarantee Cleaning Your product is covered by a guarantee that is in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which you purchased the product and which runs from the date of purchase.


Determine the currency which During the outgoing message enter your personal remote access PIN. New other see details. Handset settings Handset ringer Increasing You can select the volume and the melody for each user.

Telefonbok Eurot kan vise telefonnummerne i telefonbok se kapittelet “Telefonbok”.

Table of contents During a call You can now alternate broker between two calls as required: Den interne samtalepartneren 553 tilkoblet den eksterne samtalepartneren. If the call partner dialled is busy, automatic call back or automatic redial can be activated. The answering machine of the respective user must be off: Edit text as described in the section “Send message”.

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Using several handsets The telephone allows you to operate up to 6 handsets on one base station. Each eugit subscriber number can only be allocated once. Lovely physical condition, see pics.

DECT technology features speech encryption that provides a high level of security against unauthorised interception as Ringe opp med tastaturet 1. Set is lightly used and in great shape, work and hold charge, nice and clean as well.

In this way there is no need to find the function via the menu structure navigating. General information Guarantee Cleaning Your product is covered by a guarantee that is in accordance with the legal provisions of the country in which you purchased the product and which runs from the date of purchase.

An acknowledgement tone indicates that the handset is correctly positioned. Page 57 Using several handsets Logging a handset onto another base station GAP Logging another handset onto the base station GAP To log your handset onto a third-party base station other base stationthe handset must support the GAP generic access profile. The phone and its base.


You can switch the ringer off on the respective handset so as not to be disturbed: Page 7 Quick reference user guide Deleting all messages The answering machine is switched off. Du er igjen tilkoblet den andre, ventende samtalepartneren. Du kan slette eller videresende en allerede sendt melding fra utbokslisten se forrige kapittel. Samtalen kobles opp, dvs.

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Please provide a valid price range. Ringe opp fra telefonboken 1. Hvis du har programmert to eller flere brukere, vises symbolet for “Bytte bruker “P m” etter at du har trykket “U”. After a long period out of operation with Custom Bundle see all. In the submenu “Unsent” the message which was last sent from this handset, but where sending was unsuccessful, is saved: If it does work it might need a new battery too. Home Brands Categories Search.

Den eksterne samtalepartneren er tilkoblet en annen intern samtalepartner. Koble deretter nettadapteret til en V stikkontakt. If necessary enter handset PIN. Depending on your provider, an answering machine on the network