Out of a total of 24 Mannan tribal settlements in Idukki district only two ISBN: Ethnobotany and Medicinal Plants Materials and. ethnobotanical study carried out among the tribal groups of Periyar Tiger Reserve Keywords: Ethnogynecology, Periyar Tiger Reserve, Kerala, Mannan tribes. Fardous Mohammad Safiul Azam, Anup Biswas, Abdul Mannan, Nusrat Anik . G. J. Martin, Ethnobotany: A “People and Plants” Conservation.

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Since rice contains very low amount of protein, lentils served as the main protein source in the absence of meat or fish items. Some are ethnobotanically significant, others are invasives. Humans began defending their crops and thus their land. Isolation, purification and partial characterization of viper venom inhibiting factor from the root extract of the Indian medicinal plant sarsaparilla Hemidesmus indicus R.

Leaf juice is efhnobotany in sinusitis Local status: Apong is inseparably associated with Mising culture. The Lycophytes include lycopodium and selaginella.

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The lesser king, ‘I1ayaraja’, shares equal power with the king. Ethnobotanical survey of Purulia district, West Bengal, India for medicinal plants used against gastrointestinal disorders. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.

Snake bite in south asia: We also acknowledge the help provided by the Principal, C.

Ethnobotany of Micronesia: A course companion

A large, scandent, ever green shrub with prickles, shrubs or woody climbers, leaves compound, flowers yellow, fruits reddish, subglobose. The sakau ceremony is truly central to every important activity from birth to death, cradle to grave. The potential Mising areas were selected based on whether they still practice own social customs, beliefs, religious rites, taboos, totems, food habits, medicinal and agricultural practices, as it was observed that the utilization and conservation practices of the Mising tribes are intertwined with these.

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Butea gum tree, flame of the forest, parrot tree, Bastard teak, Bengal kino.

Snakebites are common in tropical countries like Bangladesh where most snakebite victims dwell in rural areas. Kachil Dioscorea alata L. The administration may also include mannasn with the healer, talk therapy. Some are invasives that have been adapted for use. In this section we examine the shape of the plant and its leaves, as well as the leaf arrangement. Leaves and leaf sheaths are used as plates or dishes in the ritual.

Other fruit are designed to attract an animal.

Sichuan, Chengdu; Sichuan University Press; Cyanobacteria can be found on open, rocky, gravelly ground in sunny places. Various types of lentils pulses are available in Bangladesh, the most ethhobotany being Lens esculenta and Lens culinaris masoor dal and Vigna radiata mung dal.

Transplanted from original clump by weather station. The reproductive cycle of selaginella is shown mannqns illustration below. Ofthe investigated plants, five species viz. They perform number of religious practices in their life. European based “western” doctors see medicine as being culture independent. As stated by the informants many plants got eliminated from the locality may be due to wanton felling of the trees or may be indiscriminate collection of the plants.


In some modern homes the plants have been moved into the house and decorate the interior of the home. African Journal of Biotechnology. Thumpa Leaves Cold Spreng.

In some sense one could not be born, one could not mannwns, and one could not pass away with dignity without sakau in traditional Pohnpeian society.

Plants feed us, and yet they are so much more than mere sustenance. Anuni Bark Skin diseases Ficus racemosa L. This paste is applied in both ways externally and internally to reduce the swelling, pain of snakebite.

Musaceae juice on phospholipase A 2myotoxic, hemorrhagic and lethal activities of crotalidae venoms. All authors edited the paper and read and approved the final paper.

The elephants even intentionally uproot and kill mannnans bushes that would shade out their favorite grass. A hairy annual weed, 5 m-1 m tall; leaves opposite, hairy on both sides; margin toothed; flowers pale in heads.

Again, scarcity of supply of snake antivenin is a major factor which needs to be addressed by local production.