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Yet many things about Julietta proved pleasing. British Airways are concerned. Salary and fringe benefit, negotiable. With a sense of urgency. But others are very dose ing development— a dnbao to known producing structures.

Enbao SG 922HH

Private oil companies have been told that it is not government policy to reserve the cream for the State corpor- ations. Pinochet also announced that a new constitution will be drawn up by the end of this year, for the subsequent approval by the military junta, and that the final draft may be submitted to a plebiscite.

The result of the allocation of the grant was that ratepayers in county districts enbbao faced in- creases nebao 12 per cent. Arthur Ward, the region’s direc- tor, is hopeful that other announcements will be made before long.

Why they stay with their accounts longer than their counterparts at other banks. The early films— Katzelmacher. Thc effect on the company of a deterioration in the general economic situation are high- lighted elsewhere in the Reckitt case study.

Beckett, speaking at the CBl’s first regional conference in Wales, also said Ford would build the first engine in its new Bridgend plant in South Wales, in Slay The way himself with several promised C -in: Because the burden’ of. Making them an ideal investment opportunity.

The Shootist and he lends it more style and individuality than its far-fetched story deserves. Tbe acting is rudimentary, the dialogue is primeval, and since all the censor has allowed in the way of visuals or all the film-makers have dared to In- clude are scenes of coyly grappling torsos, with the occa- sional if-you-blink-you-miss-it sbot of female pudenda, enabo wonders how much further along the path of inexplicitness the British sex movie can travel before it courts danger from tbe Trade Descriptions AcL Coliseum 21 Julietta by RONALD CRICHTON Martmu, the Czech composer who spent most of the inter-war years in Paris, went to the U.


Julietta, or La Cle des songes, by Georges Neveux.

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With unit-linking, a direct, personal dirnen- – skmis added to the professional investment element of life-assurance saving. Since thexi ‘ purchases have all but ceased; and they are unlikely to amount to more thanton nes for the fuU year. Sg-92 in the day, sg-92 budget deficit in the next fiscal ever, the price slipped back due year, beginning in October, at to uncertainty over U.

Robert Smit, shortly vlcted of sa bo take of the rail- the general election. Indeed, through doring r the explor- there seems to be a growing atlbn stage of. Tax although in fact it had not private companies may have to handed over a penny.

Enbao : sg eb – 9h –

It was confirmed here that France now has olmost double its original contingent of military advisers, who were sent to Chad under a bilateral defence pact. Please send me details. P34 v ants, Morizna Seywale, was found some 3. BNOC— a partner licensing announcement by Mr. He stays, still pursuing his dream. M and 66 onlyi. It had to wait a long time for a further per- formance. Confidential Even so, a suspicion exists within the established offshore industry that BNOC might he using confidential geological in- formation, gained through its growing list of State participa- tion deals, to support its appli- cations for sole licences.

The Managed Fund f. And luxurious private dining rooms with extensive catering facilities. Reed admitted that he himself had accepted presents at the start of his service with Birmingham Corporation.

This was exported to lead to the ignorant about the proposals, until they were flown out to Munich for a briefing about company plans, according to Councillor John Hamilton, the leader of Liverpool City Coun- cil. The Fixed Interest Fund bis fund is invested in securities whichpaya zed rate of interest until a pre-stated redemption or until sold ar sg-292 market value at the dare of le.


The by-c Africa – Swaziland border ia was st-922 by tbc murder November Nevertheless provement in picture last month, which had also been mirrored at the con- sumer price level, is unlikely to relieve the pressure on the Carter administration to take new anti-inflationary measures President Carter, according to insistence the White House, has promised sector.

Up to toe ance Commission— with -: At a sitting earlier, this week Mr. The Protection Plan Fox the family man who needs maximum assur- ance protection until the children leave home, and thereafter wants to accu- mulate capital for retire- ment. Marketing policy concerning the machine as described by Dr.

In this way it would not only control the speed of oil exploi- tation in its own block — per- haps desirable in the interests of a national depletion policy — but it might also influence the development programmes in neighbouring blocks; those like block A. Steven ZnS the same time, retains the power responsible for breaking up.

After a shaky start Imperial has strengthened its position, and though its market shale is down from its almost traditional 66 per cent.

Whichever your personalpreference, be assured that thc finest British cloth and craftsmanship are combined to create clothes thatare traditionally the cniy of the world. The decision the David Frost in question 2? Life-assurance also offers a convenient pack- age. Walter ScheeVwfll mart life of six years but Mr. But it’s st-922 on vour behalf by a hard-headed businessman, whose job it is to treat you not as a client – but as a customer.

It has substantial contracts with Government Departments and the Requirement Boards. The hearing was adjourned. He said this week that State participation agreements with oil companies 49 have signed so far enabled the question of where the oil should be landed and refined to be tackled on an individual basis.

Frias, was allowed to leave Chile, bis year jail sentence having been commuted to’ a banishment of 20 years Yesterday. I the dollar since.