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Lebanon’s First Postwar Parliamentary Election, An Imposed Choice – Notes

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Back 38 See the detailed report on voting-day electoral violations submitted by Kamil al-As’ad’s list, al-Nahar, 12 September Back 48 See Michael C. Hadarat Ahram October 28, Reuters October 24, Al Joumhouria November 22, Political Modernization in Lebanon New York: Also see George Nasif, ‘al- Intikhabat al-Lubnaniyya: Back 16 In the Kisirwan constituency, the Wa’ad Party candidate Sami Khuwayri’s insisted on continuing the ‘battle’, even after the first round had been cancelled.

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Al Dawra Al Iktissadia October 24, Also, see Albert Mansour, op. Euro News November 21, University of Texas Press, Al Arab November 7, National News Agency October 25, There was an objection to the Protestant seat going to an Armenian, for the seat was specifically designated to the Protestant sect and the Armenians as a group are represented along sectarian lines Orthodox and Catholic.

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