[Venas abiertas de America Latina, English]. Open veins of Latin America: five centuries or the pillage of a continent / Eduardo Galeano ; translated by Cedric. Open Veins of Latin America has ratings and reviews. .com// 05/24/books/?_r=0. Classics corner: Open Veins of Latin America by Eduardo GaleanoIf he needs a primer on his southern neighbours, Obama could do worse.

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In the book, Galeano analyzes the history of the Americas as a whole, from the time period of the European settlement of the New World to contemporary Latin Americadescribing the effects of European and later United States economic openn and political dominance over the region.

I do not quibble for a moment about the horrors of early Spanish colonization. The Galean, as Galeano calls us fortunate ones, has been a cruel mistress, a wrestling partner who is infinitely stronger, and its weight bears down galeank this place. For if only a tenth of what is said were true, it would still be a humanitarian story worth telling. Back at the well, feeling somehow obliged to make something good out of this scramble of thoughts.

I think of this as a story, rather than history. Open Preview See a Problem? I place this tale at 1. Here is the full transcript https: This is a dense book, I found that I could only process a subchapter at a single sitting about pages. As I said at the outset, Open Veins is more like a novel than a serious history. Return to Book Page.

Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent by Eduardo Galeano

I picked it up after reading excerpts of it from my Latin American history reader, I could not believe how easily one page flowed to the next, before I knew it I was completely done with the book. The author himself has proclaimed his obsession as a writer saying, “I’m a writer obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past of America above all and above all that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to amnesia.

The book is simultaneously polemic, history, social science, and poetry eduaddo that last point, I do wish I could read Spanish, because my feeling from reading this is that it must be stunning in Spanish.


The book is well researched and documented, but Galeano’s intensity and skill as a writer adds gravitas to the irrefutable evidence he presents, a thing the noise galeanoo cannot abide.

North America, while it had a colonial heritage, did not have the natural resources that Latin America had e.

Works by Eduardo Galeano. The current edition was published in with a foreward by Isabel Allende. I was advised that it was just rant or left-wing rant, but decided to see for myself.

For decades, rafts floated one direction in the Florida Straight: And clearly immigration to America took a far veijs path in the North than in the South. The two of us did our graduate programs together.

This world hits all of those points. Later, you can learn how silver was extracted A superbly written, excellently translated, and powerfully persuasive expose which all students of Latin American and U. And while Galeano writes with passion and artistry, his history is not the hysterical harangue the noise machine would have us believe.

This is an agonizingly lucid account of the of colonisation and depredation of a continent. Thanks to him our crimes will be remembered. That is over four hundred gsleano of history, covering an entire continent and more of exploitation, tossing in a bit of amegica history of two other continents as well, and attempting to explain the driving narrative or challenge of millions upon millions of lives – past and contemporary – in the process. Sadly, filling the continent with socialist strongmen like Hugo Chavez would lead to another years of pain and backwardness in Latin America.

Quotes from Open Veins of Lat It allows us to learn history, and we have to build on this history. BooksPaperbackeBooks Tag: Eduardo Galeano ought to be a household eduaardo in this country. Even as I read this vein with a grain of salt, I still found it powerful.

These are the veins which he traces through the body of the entire continent, up to the Rio Grande and throughout the Caribbean, and all the way to their open ends where they empty into the coffers of wealth in the United States and Europe. He admitted he had little knowledge about what he was writing.


Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

Ensuing chapters might come to emotionally-loaded conclusions, but the presentation of evidence was impressive. I have so much more to read, so much more to learn. Its purpose is to develop markets for the US economy. But the Liberation Theology wing of the church was a potential ally that went unnoticed or unmentioned.

What beauty, what poetry, what defiance, what anger, what celebration, what satire, what humour. To publish Eduardo Galeano is to publish the enemy: The wealth of my country is predicated on the poverty of other velns.

It is really a jarring read, especially if you’re not familiar with how badly Latin America has been exploited by first Spain and Portugal, then the British Empire, and then opn United States.

Classics corner

Because of its colonial history, Latin America was sufficiently fragmented that it never developed the unity and scale that would allow it to develop on its own. The truths contained in the gift were essentially ignored by the right-wind punditry, because truth and history have no place in the circus of sound bite chicanery, not when the mainstream media is little more than a clown car of corporate maleficence, whose acquiescence in the plunder and economic repression of Latin America continues unabated; the media’s boosting of NAFTA, for instance, is an excellent example of imperialistic mechanisms at work.

He said, “It took four years of researching and collecting the information I needed, and some 90 nights to write the book”. But when imperialism begins exalting its own virtues we should take a look in our pockets. Thanks for telling us about the problem. For the past month I have been collecting my thoughts and writing them out and putting them into paragraphs and shaping those paragraphs into a longer article of some sort.