EC ELECTRIC CIRCUITS AND ELECTRON DEVICES the equivalent circuit of UJT and explain its operation. Write short notes on light activated SCR. 2nd Semester CSE Notes: 1. Basic civil & Mechanical Notes and Question answers – View. 5. Electron Devices & Electric circuits (EC) – Unit 1 – View /. PH Engineering Physics 2 Anna University Notes: PH Engineering notes (EM notes – ME Notes) – DOWNLOAD EC

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This indicates that output resistance in case of CE configuration is less than that in CB configuration.

Diffusion Current In a semiconductor material, the charge carriers have the tendency to move from the region of higher concentration to that of lower concentration of the same type of charge carriers. If any solution is negative, then the assumed current direction is wrong!

It is also known as impurity semiconductor. Parallel nores is also known as Anti resonance. Emitter current flows in output circuit. It passes most sc2151 the injected charge carriers to the collector. If the diode is heavily doped, depletion layer will be thin and consequently breakdown occurs at lower reverse voltage and further, the breakdown voltage is sharp.

Node voltage method The node voltage method of analysis solves for unknown voltages at circuit nodes in terms of a system of KCL equations. Due to which it is used as an oscillator. Its cost is very ef2151. It reaches at the junction J2 breakdown. It is also called Photo detector. Similar Questions Why are the conductors of electric heating devices, such as bread-toasters and electric irons, made of an alloy rather than a pure metal?.


Voltage range over which it can be operated is 1 V or less. These excess minority carriers diffuse through the junction and recombines with the majority carriers in n and p region respectively to produce light. A lens focuses the energy on the base-collector notfs.

EC Electric circuits and electron devices Lecture Notes- V+ Edition

Field immediately collects the diffused electrons which enter the collector junction. Characteristics of Varactor diode The diode conducts normally in the forward direction. The magnitude matching can be achieved by adjusting mutual inductance to the critical value, which effectively fulfills maximum power transfer condition.

Used in image sensing circuits. The gate is also connected to a metal contact surface but rc2151 insulted from the n-Channel by a very thin layer of dielectric material, Silicon Dioxide. Science-Ncert class 6 1 Answer Which one of the following statements is correct about an ac-coupled common-emitter amplifier operating in the mid-band region?

The maximum Power transferred to a load resistor occurs when it has a value equal to the resistance of the network looking back at hotes from the load terminals all sources being replaced by their respective internal resistances. LED structure can be divided into two categories.


Second Semester Anna University lecturer notes – Site Title

Due to which it is used as an oscillator. It has two main terminals namely Main terminal 1 and Main terminal 2. Derive the expression for the half power bandwidth of a parallel resonant circuit. It is used in control circuits to control the current. SCR characteristics It is the relationship between the anode —cathode voltage and anode current at different gate current. In this, the current through SCR is reduced below the holding current. It is relatively immune to radiation.

Second Semester Anna University lecturer notes

Subscribe to eduladder news letter Today Subscribe Today. It can be triggered ON by a light input on the gate area, but does not turn OFF, when light source is removed. Solve for unknown mesh currents simultaneous equations. The current in FET is carried by the majority carriers.

It is rising rapidly at avalanche point. However, it has ability to control large ac power with a small signal.

Kemmebly and steven M. The light thus produced is emitted from the p-n junction of the diode. It is used as a variable reactance capacitance.