Pyrapoint [Don E. Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I SUBMIT TO YOU THAT THE PYRAPOINT SYSTEM IS THE PRINCIPLE WHICH. Pyrapoint Book6-final — GANN (PYRAPOINT DON E. HALL Published by Halliker’s, r). Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Hall? Looking for opinions and experiences, is it just one in another of a long line.

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ADP Comtrendprovided the service for the independent example of momentum diversion. Dob get out of the market just because you have lost patience or get into the marketbecause you are anxious from waiting. Likewise, degrees is reflected in the span of purapoint for six months, degrees orthree-fourths of the circle of time is in nine months, pyyrapoint one-half of the 90 degrees or one-eighthyear is 45 degrees or 45 days approximately.

RSI setting at This is true for any number. In Conclusion – Example: Thus we correctly conclude that there are four segments in each of thesquares so designated — and each are 45 degrees.

Other fractionalmoves were observed as important as well, but it is our desire to make this pyapoint assimplistic as possible. Sometimes you will note that it goes morethan once around the square. Thus it follows that since there areeight degree segments in the complete cycle, there should be four degreesegments in half of the cycle — or one square.

This relevance was shown to be especially important at moves such as one-fourth,one-eighth, one-half, and quite significantly at three-fourths of any cycle. Thanks Crazybears for your reply, Actually Pyrapoint is a simple Gann geometry thing you developers would have not problem with this very, very useful tool.


Since all calculations are based upon thedeterminations of the square root calculator to which you are soon to beintroduced pyrapoknt next step should be to learn the basics of this calculator. It most certainly points out the need to know our exact mode andour exact relative trading position at ALL nall. This is the plight of Pyrapoint: Newer varieties and processescould make this subject to some correction.

Again, thisshould not be a primary worry for you. Equal distributions of risk. If youchoose to use a pyarpoint stop, know that you have the choice of penetration of the degree linewith a chosen amount of risk. I can tell you how to contact Don if you are interested. Remember the basic square construction. Livermore, Brenner, Bayer, Barouch and others. At this point, let me say that we were not the first to note these phenomena,or to appreciate its significance.

Reno passed away a few years ago. We ask that you realize that we have worked many years before we reached someof the conclusions, which are to hlal shared here. One of a number of things to which we do attempt to follow is the processors margin inthe processing of soybeans. Truly, for many reasons including available money it is notfor everyone.

Gann learned this from histrip to Egypt, in our opinion, because at the top of the learning list was our vital and basic tools — those of the square and of the circle. This is not something we foresee adding any time soon. If the lines of the tool are displaying behind other tools or indicators on the chart, clicking this action will bring the lines to the forefront. This shows us a very important fact: Please be advised that these charts are taken from our daily work and are examplesof our ongoing analogy.


Thus it was, we are told, that Pythagoras took 16exile to Egypt where he stayed 22 years — the time it took to complete thePriesthood. He had one of the best history and data sources of the day, and much of this was acquiredin English libraries and museums. It is hands down the most complete and fastest o. Hi Could you post some examples.

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In its calculation, it utilises Gann Square of 9 methodology and relationships between Price and Time. This means pyrpoint a full degrees around the square would bring price back to the March21st beginning, one year later. The learning of this process is at the core of our learning system.

Save Settings as Default: Gann used these rules on his seminars. A fourth option can reflect the endof a trend to a sideways trek for PRICE, usually during a digestive interlude.

Pyrapoint | Elite Trader

Everything in existence is based on exact proportion andperfect relationship. We have not, nor will we, withhold any data orassistance which you feel that would assist you, for Gordon,we are inprocess of expansion to include MB Trading into our programming. Sierra Chart Engineering – Posts: It was halll that I began dissecting his seminars and assimilating certain segments ofdifferent seminars.

I can send you an electronic copy of Don Hall’s book if you want.