July 22, M Insulation Analyzer User Guide Doble Engineering Company 85 Walnut Street Watertown, Massachusetts (USA) PN. Doble M User Guide. July 6, | Author: Pablo Toro Lopez | Category: Computer Keyboard, Frequency Modulation, Electromagnetic Interference. GMT Doble Test. Procedures – Richmond. Community College -. Doble M User Guide. For Later. save. Related. Info. Embed.

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One of the most common foble of RIV is with reference to rotating machinery insulation. Enables the audible warning feature that signals the beginning of each test recommended.

Doble M User Guide ยท GitBook (Legacy)

The M can be configured to require both switches to be opened between test sequences for the M Insulation Analyzer to operate.

Two safety switches must be attached to the M instrument front panel and in dkble closed or depressed position prior to testing. Staying alert and ever watchful requires constant training and awareness of the inherent hazards.

The M Insulation Analyzer generates high voltage and is capable of causing serious, even lethal, electrical shock.

Doble M4100 Insulation Analyzer User Guide

These help you check the status of the M Insulation Analyzer, and to diagnose any problems that may exist. Amnual is required to implement the selected electrostatic interference cancellation technique Line Synchronized Reversal or Line Frequency Modulation. Size px x x x x Click on a Convert button first to enter the temperature in Fahrenheit. During operation, an audible beep is heard whenever high voltage is being applied.


Select Field Recalibration from the Diagnostics pull-down menu. After the M Insulation Analyzer is properly grounded, the remaining test leads and the HV Test Cable are plugged into their receptacles.

The data found on the Test Conditions screen is that of the last test run. The following precautions significantly reduce the possibility of damaging a board through electrostatic discharge ESD: Such a printout is useful if the operator finds it necessary to consult Doble for assistance. A safety strobe light can be used in conjunction with the instrument and is plugged into the front panel of the M It provides a generic form for testing any apparatus.

Two separate grounds are required to pick up the ground relay and operate the M Since this is optional dobls, this icon will not be active if External Reference software is not installed.

Click the temperature correction icon Correction from the Tools menu. State, local, and federal regulations, e. The necessary current and voltage cables are provided for connection to the transformer, along with the necessary software, so that this dlble a self-contained kit for this test.

Doble M User Guide – Free Download PDF

The problem lies with the Mc. Due to the high currents involved requiring the use of the Resonator, the volt supply cord to the M should be of relatively large wire gauge in order to minimize the line voltage drop. Remove the screws Figure 4.


When this is done, the following screen appears: The cable should be coiled into no smaller than a inch diameter coil. Check the AC power source for abnormally low voltage. The default is for line. To do this, repeat steps 5 through 10, selecting the same line number, and selecting Setup Correction Test.

This condition must be corrected before Calibration Verification can be performed. B-2 For Equipment Maintenance, Contact A low-resistance path between these points is a frequent cause of large negative values of GST watts, especially when running the Field Recalibration Test diagnostic. Serial Number and Manufacturer fields have been added to the nameplate area. The unit serial number, which provides warranty information.

The strobe has a magnetic base that can be placed on a grounded steel structure, where it is visible to all ddoble around the testing area. An LCD heater is installed to allow for use in cold weather. If you are not manuual to run any tests on the M, but get a communications error, proceed as follows: The consequences of continued testing in the uncorrected state are: If not, it is necessary to enter data in each field.

Both options are available on the File pull-down menu.