Emergence (The Chosen, #), Middle Ground (The Chosen, #), Homecoming (The Chosen, #), Chosen (The Chosen, #1), Hunted (The Chosen, #2). The Chosen is an urban fantasy book series by author D.G. Swank (Denise Grover Swank). Books include Chosen, Hunted, Sacrifice, Redemption, Emergence. Mar 4, I’ve been asked a lot of questions in emails and comments on my blog about Chosen and Hunted and the series overall. I thought it might be.

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There did not seem to be a lot of editing problems and, other than the story, the writing was decent enough.

I enjoyed watching him develop and re-connect with the choseh he had long ago locked away, even developing a sense of protection over a boy he originally viewed as a complication. If you’re into supernatural thrillers that are very heavy on the romance, this one may be for you.

Well, you can see how well that worked out for me! As it turns out I was able to sneak in some free time at home and during kids sports practices so I got plenty of quality reading time in.

Friend her on Trover or something, she’s witty, real, and kind. Not long after choseen The Bad Men started coming and Jake would get visions of them. This is a book where few things are as they seem, where no place is safe and there’s nowhere to run.

The book just kept moving and moving and scene after scene was knit together tight and seamless. Feb 22, Rachel rated it did not like it.

The Chosen Series

Enough to read it all in one sitting. On a final note Trust me, you will want to hang on for this ride and buckle up for the sequels as well. He can sense things and see the future.

How is Jake able to see the future? Open Preview See a Problem? But the end result will leave you feeling like you just didn’t have a full grasp of what you’ve read. Once this series is completed I think it is a trilogy it will be a stellar combo pack to purchase. We soon find out that he is a ruthless, seemingly amoral, bounty hunter hired to find her and deliver her to a mysterious group of powerful and wealthy men.


Swank plays with the readers emotions from all angles and leaves the reader tied up with the characters so much that it is impossible to put the book down until you know they are all right.

Jan 08, Ibrium rated it liked it Shelves: Feb 19, April Mallison rated it it was swan. Dec 03, Carol Ward rated it it was amazing. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. A word of warning: Mercen Chosen is a Paranormal Thriller full of suspense, action and revelations.

Sep 12, Michelle K rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rich and powerful men are desperate to capture Emma, and Will must discover why before it’s too late. It was heaped in action that you could say it’s a thriller and romance all rolled into one captivating package. She doesn’t understand why he is helping her or why Jake insists on his help.

If they made Will’s on an assembly line I would be standing in front, possibly without clothing, to grab the first one. This was a frover surprise of a well written, mystifying story line. The plot is confusing enough in choaen awesome way to keep everyone – including the main characters – guessing from one moment to the next but expertly woven into a narrative that makes it impossible to put down.

Without understanding exactly why they are being hunted or by whom, Emma does the only thing she can to protect her son – she learns to live her life on the run. Every character was deeply layerd and as you sqank the pages you peeled a layer off these ‘onions’, so to speak.


He struggles with the right thing to do and the job he was hired for. I’m clearly not in the majority with my opinion about this book. Normally I wouldn’t even bring something like that up, but in this instance it does make a difference. Denise manages to brilliantly balance both of these facets of Emma’s personality making her a very believable and sympathetic character.

I’m an emotional reader. I started to believe every natural disaster was I kept expecting demise thing from him and he would surprise me. Where to begin with this book. And then I turned the page.

The story is the first in a series and comes to barely enough of a conclusion so I didn’t feel cheated. I found the book to be repetitious on occasion.

Chosen (The Chosen, #1) by Denise Grover Swank

Jake insists that they need Will but Emma isn’t willing to let her guard down and trust Will completely. It might have been the romance that was so unexpected, yet so perfect and sexy and right. There seemed to be quite a few different bad guys in this, as well as a couple of odd-sounding prophecies, so there was quite grove lot going on. She’s also a woman who is tired, scared and weary of fighting the battle to keep them alive.

Emma will do anything to protect him even when it means accepting the help of a stranger named Swqnk. This book was just ok. I made a vow to myself to only read books that hold my interest and not to force myself to finish books that just don’t fit my preferences. Here were my main problems: I’ve also denisw Twenty-eight and a Half Wishes, by this author and I loved it.

Emma doesn’t know why the men are after them, but it doesn’t matter.