Catalogo-MHPistoes-miolo-BR-pgA_Layout 1 . de biela Metal LeveBronzinaM = Bronzina central flangeada MAHLE. 30 out. Pistes, Camisas, Kits e Bronzinas;n Catlogo de Jogos de Anis; n Catlogo de Filtros;n Catalogo-ValvulasMAHLE-Miolo-pg A_Layout 1 As vlvulas MAHLE Original e Metal Leve sofornecidas em. A MAHLE Metal Leve S.A. reserva-se o direito de alterar as Pgina 38 Bronzina central, bronzina de biela, arruela de encosto, bucha de biela.

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Be sure to use new valve collets and valve shaftseals when installing the valve.

Vlvulas de admisso As vlvulas de admisso – que so refrigeradas pelosgases no queimados – necessitam resistir a tensesmecnicas elevadas, especialmente em seu contatocom o assento de vlvula. Ring carrier pistons with cooling galleryare used in situations in which particularly high operating temperatures occur.

There arecurrently only four producers of two-piece large bore pistons in lvee world.


It can be necessary to install the piston in a certain direction because a piston crown is asymmetrical or because the axle of a piston pin bore has been disengaged to change the noise level. Page lebe Cross reference Coolant Outlet Gaset cont.

Master Rebuild it ont.

Each time they are removed unnecessarily and refitted with excessive stretching, permanent deformation is caused and the bronzlnas performance is impaired.

Recomendaes de montagemOs cilindros aletados e as camisas de cilindrosMAHLE Original e Metal Leve tm, conforme asespecificaes do fabricante do motor, um cilin-dro acabado brunido ou semi-acabado.


Manifold Set, Exhaust cont. Catalogl total, MAHLE has more than 47, employeeswho make piston systems, cylinder components,valve train systems, air management and liquidmana gement systems for the international auto-motive industry and in the same uncompro-mising quality for the component trade, which issupported by us with a demand-oriented productrange, high readiness to deliver and compre-hensive service.

catalogo metal leve bronzinas pdf download

Antes de instalar a vlvula, verifique o interior dacabea da mola de vlvula, para ver se ela estgasta ou danificada. Air Cleaner MountingGaset ont. It’s a rich heritage that began over 80 years ago. Replace in Complete SetsAluminum Com odimetro do broonzinas indicado, soma-se a respectivafolga e indicar o dimetro do cilindro.

These prohibitions also apply for graphics characteristics of this work and its publishing.

Esses componentes foram reunidos a partir de um rico patrimnio de quase 90 anos de conhecimento e meal na fabricao de pistes e componentes de motores. Pgina Terms and conditions Gasolina – C3, Picasso4 IN Factorsthat limit the competitive significance of imported articulated pistons in the United States do nothave a significant impact on large bore two-piece pistons meetal, in part because large boretwo-piece pistons are used in engines that are produced in smaller quantities.

Mahle Catalogo Informacoes Tecnicas Documents. Bronzinas trimetlicas so normalmenteusadas em motores de alta potncia. O maior dimetro do pisto dado emmilmetros. Mahle metal leve catalogo de pistoes,camisas,kits e bronzinas Automotive. The sale or installation on emission controlled vehicles of certain emission control components not approved by the California Air Resources Board, which alter or modify the original design or performance of such vehicles emission control system is prohibited.


TECH For further information contact: Make sure that the valves are the right size for your engine. O cilindro, ospistes e os anis devem ser lubrificados.

Desdequando a MAHLE desenvolveu o primeiro pisto de liga leve, temos contribudo continuamente com estmulos inovadores para o automvel e para a indstria automotiva.

A folga de montagem em milmetroscorresponde necessria diferena dedimetros entre o cilindro e a saia do pisto.

Freqentemente, so usadasligas especiais de bronze. Portanto, estas bronzi-nas so particularmente adequadas para motoresturbo com intercooler. Valve Stem Oil Seal,Exhaust cont. A maioria das bronzinasdeste tipo constituda de buchas. They are preferred for installation in gasoline and diesel engines for cars that are subject to heavy loads. Expansion Plug it cont. Page Catalogue applicationsPage structure and part code decoding.

Page 17Catalogue metzl structure and decoding of part numbers. Check state and federal law and emission regulations. Pgina 6Uso do catlogo Pgina Relao das sedes de vlvulas por ordem alfabtica de fabricante oeve motor ou veculo. Cranshaft ReairSeeve, Rear cont.