CamBam – Tutorial: D Profile. This example is based on the efforts of my friend Terry (aka MrBean). Thanks Terry for the source files as well as CamBam beta. CamBam – Tutorial: Text Engraving. This tutorial describes inserting text into CamBam and genertating an engraving operation from it. The main place for CamBam video tutorials is here: CamBam CNC Software – Video Tutorials There are also a number of user created videos.

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Video Tutorials

I’m looking to do 3D as well. Thanks Terry for the source files as well as CamBam beta testing.

Font This is the font name to use for the turorial. I have been through the manual several times and just can’t get it. Set the target depth and other properties to match the first profileoperation.

A long-term Cam Bam user has just finished and uploaded an indexed version of the new CamBam Help File that was released a few weeks ago. And “blow my bike up! tutoriao

CamBam – Tutorials

I would suggest downloading the. This can be downloaded as a PDF. Height This is the text height in drawing units. One that I am aware of is Camworks. See you do not want me writing an operation manual.


CamBam – Tutorials

I am also a visual learner, and I learn by doing, not reading. The main place for CamBam video tutorials is here: If this has worked, you should now be able to select the outside of the pulley by a single click. I ask because the voice in those video’s are very relaxing. This behaviour will be made tutofial flexible in the next releases.

CamBam CNC Software – Video Tutorials

Any recomendations for nice stick fonts, preferably in the public tutorjal, would be extremely welcome. To create thin engraving, ideally a ‘stick’ font should be used, that is a font with no thickness. Originally Posted by diyengineer.

For shallow engraving 0. Is that you in tutoriall CamBam plus Introduction video? Again, right click the machine operation in the file tree and Generate Toolpath. The intention is to use it to define alignment options that evenly spread the text between two points, or perhaps as an alernative to the Rotate option. I too was very frustrated when I first started using it, but just kept at it and suddenly.

This profile is made up of a number of spline segments, so the next thing to do is convert them to polylines and join them together.


Me write a user’s manual Top, Center or Bottom relative to Location. Rotate Angle in degrees to rotate the text about the alignment point Location.

Originally Posted by zool. A setting of 2 would double the space used for each character but not the character itself. LOL, I know that sounds weird but i’m just saying!

Bottom is actually the baseline of the text. I am a visual type learner so manipulating examples is an effective learning mode for me. To enter multi line text, click the [ The time now is Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Right click the machining node and select Create GCode file.

And yes it is tedious, and yes there is much not immediately obvious. I can’t believe the creator has not sat down and made a youtube channel with tutorials. Location2 P2 This point is not currently used.

As per DXF I may add other options to differentiate absolute bottom and baseline.