He was having a heart attack. He was only forty-four years old. He had no family history of heart disease, was not overweight or diabetic, and did not have high. We Can Prevent and Even Reverse Coronary Artery Heart Disease. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr., MD, Preventive Medicine Consultant. Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease. By Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr., MD. The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure.

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I decided to get my cholesterol tested.

Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease

My numbers are like this after following this lifestyle: Esselstyn argues that conventional cardiology has failed patients by developing treatments that focus only on the symptoms of heart disease, not the cause. Patients are empowered when they know they can control their disease, rather than rely on risky expensive inconsistent drugs, stents, or bypasses. It is hard to deny the evidence, mounting with every passing year, that people who have spent a lifetime consuming the typical American diet are in dire trouble.

They also went back for follow-up stress tests which came back normal, and most saw a shrinkage if not total reversal of the blockages in their arteries.

Dr. Esselstyn’s Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Program | Make yourself heart attack proof

Esselstyn and Bill Clinton. But I continue to notice those fluttering episodes. Reforming the way you eat will end the heart disease. There are some signs of change. A strategy to arrest and reverse coronary artery disease: It is the most complete resolution of coronary artery disease I have seen, graphic proof of the power of plant-based nutrition to enable the body to heal itself.


But I might – my grandfather, father, brother, cousin, have had ‘heart wsselstyn.

We Can Prevent and Even Reverse Coronary Artery Heart Disease

It is a complete shift from the average westernized diet, but a very compelling message. The evidence that supports his claims is mounting all the time. Surgery is the prototype, and its dramatic progress— light-years removed from the cathartics, bloodletting, and amputations that dominated medicine in previous centuries—is nothing short of breathtaking.

Third off, read this book though I would start with The China Study even if you don’t know a single person with heart disease or affected by it which is highly unlikely because it will impact you. Journal List MedGenMed v. Whereas the diet Dr Esselstyn advises, comes with his guarantee that – if you remain Dr Esselstyn gained national renown in the US when he became one of two doctors the other being Dean Ornish advising former president Bill Clinton on his diet.

I couldn’t put it down and finished it in hours First off, I’m not sure why I didn’t read this book sooner.


He was put off animal products there after. We have very strong social and emotional ties to the foods we grew up loving, that we share with family and friends, and celebrate through long standing traditions. In the first continuous twelve-year study of the effects of nutrition in severely daldwell patients, which I will describe in this esseldtyn, those who complied with my program achieved total arrest of clinical progression and significant selective reversal of coronary artery disease.


And what about our children?

There was no disputing the outcome. And I’m going back to fish too.

Failure to address the root cause logically leads to more mechanical interventions in the future. The work I will describe in the following chapters confirms that sustained nutrition changes and, when necessary, low doses of cholesterol-reducing medication will offer maximum protection from vascular disease.

Within months on Dr.

I believe that we in the medical profession have taken the wrong course. Stopping the gasoline puts out the fire.

The information was so convincing, that I didn’t even wait until I had finished the book to begin my new food adventure. These are the words of Joe Crowe, the doctor who succeeded me as chairman of the breast cancer task force at the Cleveland Clinic. May 14, Bluejaygirl rated it it was amazing. They do nothing at all to cure the underlying disease or to prevent its development in other potential victims.

I am privileged to have met Dr. This book first caught my attention when Bill Clinton appeared on CNN and told how its strict, even severe, diet plan, helped him lose an extraordinary amount of weight.

I recommend people who are interested in his books take a look at the work of Clarence Bass at www. Lyman, author of No More Bull!