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So look here for the workaround. How should I design a library? You can drop it down and this will openbookk in two views horizontal splitted editors of the current source file! Feel free to post your experiences with C! Or is this only a marketing gag? SuperClassA constructor chain in c: For a direct comparison of these two packages, please visit this page of galileo computing and go to the chapter 7.

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Sort new Sorter ; C has the keyword yieldwhich is useable if you implement IEnumerable. Collections For a direct comparison of these two packages, please visit this page of galileo computing and go to the chapter 7.

Galikeo item can be accessed from the entire assembly, or within objects which derive from this class. Today I need your help!

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This design pattern helps the software architect to loosly couple components. The dependency was defined by the method setMyInterface — this is called setter injection. What would you do? That means you could specify the implementations of the interface by: The library offers a lot of functionality and you want to split it into loosly coupled components.

One of my latest posts was about the spring rich client. Imagine the following singleton: This is really annoying.


But I guess you are lazy and will choose one of the open source frameworks. And this will be plattform dependend, right? Whats wrong with my use case and my conclusion? Only Array allows arrays that are not zero-based.

Now you can set breakpoints and evaluate expression in the test class like you would do in HelloWorld. In Java there is similar class BitSet.

In these cases even a minimal assumption about a Service Locator is a problem. Maybe this wikipedia article is a better place for you. Why is a singleton an antipattern? But in picocontainer you have to set-up the configuration for the wiring of the classes by yourself e.

In c we have real generics, with separate namespace: And this leads me to the next important question: Adapter array ; gaileo Sorter: You will get back an instance of class ClassAwhere objectA is not null!


Or should I use a dynamic service locator instead; to decouple my components within the library? I stumbled over this question while I used picocontainer. TestMethod results in calling ClassA. Now, all is explained to understand my 3 questions.

Karussell Thoughts about Java and more. And please correct me, if I posted mistakes or invalid facts about C. Would you use a service locator or dependency injection inside the library?

ToInt32 obj ; for enums only byte, short, long and int are valid no string! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

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Other kinds of injections are:. Although I love Java there are really cool things in C: Where we write in Java: However there is really no difference here between dependency injection and service locator: Now it is really easy to replace the implementation of the Logger interface e. That means you could specify the implementations of the interface by:. To let picocontainer call the default constructor. Because of this project and picocontainer Lpenbook read a lot about design patterns.