ACTIVE. Operating Instructions. Frequency Inverter V / V. kW. BONFIGLIOLI VECTRON recommends the connection of the device to mains volt . for industrial field. Bonfiglioli Vectron delivers products and services for completely integrated inverter solutions. These solutions complement Bonfiglioli’s power. BACK TO BONFIGLIOLI. ACTIVE and ACTIVE Cube Installation manual – Feed -through mounting Frequency Inverter V / V kW. ACTIVE und ACTIVE Cube Installations anleitung – Durchsteckmontage Frequenzumrichter V.

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Pressing line Extraction, squeezing. Carry out the assembly of the extension module before the frequency inverter is put into operation, and only in a voltage-free state. Food freezing process Spiral conveyors. Definition Of The Communication Relationships 7.

If the encoder is to deliv- Actual Speed Source er the actual value signal for the speed controller, rotary encoder 2 must be selected as the source. The capacity planning are planned and documented with the help of gectron table. Error messages and repair 00 Motor temperature too high or temperature evaluation connection defec- tive. I may revoke my declaration of consent at any time to the company for future marketing communications by writing to corporatemkt bonfiglioli.

Active Cube Series : Bonfiglioli

Description Unit Setting range Chapter Speed controller 8. If the sampling rate of the encoder cannot be adjusted, use the next higher, available setting.


Information On Use 6. Page of Go. The emergency telegram marks the node ID for the identifi- cation of the failed node via its identifier and the existing fault message via its data contents 8 bytes.

Thus, using the sense line is not required in the case of Hiperface encoders. Time-controlled TxPDO sends its data at the set time intervals.

Bonfiflioli to worst case, this results in a maximum telegram length of bits. However these messages are only used for internal purposes and are not listed here. The input speed motor speed will determine the setting for parameter Gear Box: The assignment of the con- trol signals to the available software functions can be adapted to the application in question.

Active Cube Series

Electrical Installation Electrical Installation Danger! The display of the parameters when using the XPI file is according to the following structure: Depending on the encoder system used, certain parameters need to be set up. The power filters are a component to improve EMC behavior in a machine installation.

In bonfgilioli for the evaluation in the device to work correctly, the sampling rate of the SSI absolute value encoder must be set up. Primary packaging Flow pack machines. Power filters type FTV: The and the deter- Reference Frequency Source Reference Percentage Source mine the additive connection of the available reference sources as a function of the installed hardware.


Check the encoder for proper function. String parameters cannot be processed. The values calculated in this way can be used directly for parameters EC2 Gear Fac- and Hardware features Integrated dynamic braking module DC link connection Standard HTL encoder interface Motor temperature monitoring Plug-in power terminals up to 3kW Plug-in and programmable control terminals 6 digital input, 1 multifunction input 1 digital output, 1 multifunction output 1 relay output changeover contact Power range Power range: Technical data of control terminals Digital inputs XB.

Functional overview The system bus produces the physical connection between the frequency inverters. Turn the frequency inverter veectron. For the system bus, bonfiblioli PDO telegrams are firmly defined with 8 data bytes.

The following table describes the use bonfiglioll the individual parameters for the encoder systems.


When it comes to setup, always refer to the encoder manufacturer’s data sheet. Bonfiglioli Vectron recom- mends the use of pre-assembled cables see chapter 5. Sincos Encoders Step 4: Power supply Depending on the power demand of the encoder, you can connect an external power supply to terminals XA.