Flip, funnel or roll in any room of your house with the incredible Blade® Nano CP X. At just 29 grams (barely over an ounce), it’s the lightest flybarless CP heli in. WARNUNG: Lesen Sie die GESAMTE Bedienungsanleitung, um sich vor dem. Betrieb mit den Blade Nano CPS. Inklusive registrieren. Step by step DX6 / DX9 for nano This is done in the style from the DX6i for From the nano CPX manual the derives settings from DX8/DX18 are: .. you should see the blades twist and the swash move up and down level.

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In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. Newbies guide to the DX6i for RC helicopters. Newbies guide goes into a lot of detail as to how transmitters work. This is a request for a step by step guide to programming a DX6 for a nano.

I will require someone with a DX6 or access to one to verify the procedure. There are very few videos or screen shots of how to do this. I will also not go into how to do voice alerts unless someone adds how. Also not touching travel adjust as not required for default nano setup. Assumption is to use Switch B for Flight Mode. This is a quick start of how to program this in on a brand new DX6. I am assuming you have charged the internal rechargeable battery or put batteries in the DX6.

I’ve limited it to 4 as most people can hold 4 things in short term memory without problems. Lets just straight in. Now set Model Type. Ready for round 2? Right now, they just need to be set. Next to Dual Rate: Turn it off – again. Congratulations, you have just programmed your DX6 Transmitter. If you want to check transmitter settings, you can go back through the menus, or use the monitor screen.

The following is how to view the monitor screen. This is what is being sent to the helicopter. Switch B switch Flight mode to 0. Switch H switch Throttle Hold to 0. Do not worry if aileron and rudder appear to move backwards from what is expected.


BNF Blade 500 3D Instruction Manual

Finally we need to bind to your naon. Ensure “switch H” Hold switch is off. Ensure Throttle stick is low. Ensure all switches are at 0. Connect battery to heli heli LED will flash. Hold trainer switch up on TX. Hold rudder to the right This is specific for the nano. Wait a full 3 seconds before releasing only the bind button.

The heli LED should go solid which means bound – If heli LED is still flashing after 15 seconds remove heli battery and retry he bind steps from start. If bound, release the rudder stick, disconnect the battery from the heli and turn off the DX6i. You should need to bind again but can repeat this process any time to re-bind. To fly or xpx to Turn on the DX6. Engage “switch H” Hold. Ensure correct model is selected on the DX6 screen this is why you gave it a name.

Connect battery to heli.

Boade takeoff, check the collective is responding, you should see the blades twist and the swash move up and down level. Unclick “switch H” Hold and fly.

Horizon Hobby Blade 200 SRX Instruction Manual

You may also like to lower the DR on the tail so it does not turn as fast, but 65 should be as low as you need to go for this. You can also change the normal pitch curve to 30, 40, 50, 65, 80to make the pitch shifts not as agressive. As you get more comfortable, raise the DR’s and re-normalize the pitch curve. Others have blace success using travel adjust for tame settings. You can use travel adjust if you want anoeitung work the same as DR tame settings. This post does not go into how to TA adjust but it’s not hard to work out.

Last edited by ArchmageAU; at I used this for the SR as well. I changed my flight modes a bit though. Normal mode for takeoff lower rate then stunt 1 and 2 are set higher respectfully. Last edited by therick04pp; at Thank you so much for this. Just bought my nano and will be setting it up tight. Originally Posted by rammon3.

Step by step DX6 / DX9 for nano – HeliFreak

Awesome bit of information, thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk. Here’s a question I never see addressed. What about that “EXPO” selection on the throttle and pitch curves? Next time I fly, I’ll see what’s what. I assume the DX6 is a recent version, got it last month. There is this bit I cannot understand: As soon as I am done, I will upload the file. Right now I am flying with this file: As some beginners like might look for a starting settings file I thought it anleitug be useful to post it here.


Maybe you figured it out, but for others having this issue If you have already created curves and assigned them to other switch position, wnleitung can browse through them them 1,23, etc. Originally Posted by mariotti. Bkade has me stumped I have my throttle curve for FM2 as defined, High throttle stick islow anleigung stick mano in monitor mode, however, it dips down to 60 rather than the expected 80?!.

Originally Posted by ArchmageAU. Originally Posted by syntron. Thanks for the quick response and excellent explanation! Hopefully that is not too confusing.

I’ve been doing this long enough for my brain to become warped and it seems normal for me. Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply.

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In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Page 1 of 2. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Before takeoff, I check the collective is responding, you should see the blades twist and the swash move up and down level. Originally Posted by rammon3 Quote: File requeset I was looking for this information.

Can you upload the setup file? A newby file Right now I am flying with this file: Originally Posted by mariotti I assume the DX6 is a recent version, got it last month. Originally Posted by syntron This has me stumped Options Quote message in reply? Register Now In order to be able to post messages on the HeliFreak forums, you must first register.

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