OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide. 2 reviews. by Biju Thomas. Publisher: Sybex. Release Date: April Books By Biju Thomas Similar Authors To Biju Thomas . OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate Study Guide: Exams 1Z and. Thank you for choosing OCA: Oracle Database 11g Administrator Certified Biju Thomas is an Oracle , Oracle8, Oracle8i, Oracle9i, Oracle 10g, and Oracle.

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Using EM Database Control 9.

Using Single-Row Date Functions 2. Data and Metadata Filters Archived Redo Log File Architecture Disabling an FGA Policy Oracle Memory Structures 8.

Database Objects Overview 6. Creating Full and Incremental Backups Control File Architecture Understanding and Configuring Recovery Components Shutting Down an Oracle 11g Database 9.

Packaging Diagnostic Data Renaming a Data File Data Pump Export Parameters Putting It All Together 4. Storing Giju Structures User Transaction Rollback PDF of the Book A. Oracle Shared Server Infrastructure The Local Naming Method Maintaining the Database and Managing Performance Using DML Statements 5.


Locating the Default Parameter File 9. Deleting Rows from a Table 5. Understanding Network Architecture Defining Statistics Preferences Contents and Structure of the tnsnames. Selecting Products to Install 8. Use Orwcle File Locations from Template 9.

Biju’s Oracle DBA Page

Creating and Dropping Synonyms 7. Finding the Patch Prerequisites Adding New Members Dropping Redo Log Members Multiplexing Control Files Using Thoams Workload Repository This two-in-one study guide covers the Oracle Certified Associate certification for Oracle database 11g and reviews exam topics such as restricting and sorting data, using conversion functions and conditional expressions, displaying data from multiple tables, and exploring the Oracle database architecture.

Understanding Locks and Transactions Changing a View’s Definition 7. Other Commands in lsnrctl Tgomas the Data Pump Wizard Complex Inner Joins 4. Creating Temporary Tablespaces Understanding Redo Log Files Creating an Oracle 11g Database 9.

OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide [Book]

Specifying Control File Options Data Dictionary Views 9. Candidates for the Oracle Certified Associate in Oracle Database 11g need to pass Exams 1Z and 1Z to achieve their certification—this guide prepares you for taking both those exams.


Column Alias Names 1. Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Data through Views 7. Performing Recovery Operations Character Function Descriptions 2.

OCA Oracle® Database 11g Administrator Certified Associate: Study Guide

The Host Naming Method Using Table Aliases 4. With Safari, you learn the way you learn best. Simple Inner Joins 4.