Abstract/Citation: The Act amends the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act, (Act No. XXXVI of ) with respect to. BEPZA Act which eventually instituted the formation of Bangladesh Export Processing. Zones Authority (BEPZA), the government organ. investment, and investment under BOI, investment under BEPZA, FDI and investment . Under, the BEPZA Act. , EPZs are provided infrastructural facilities.

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With the changing global business and investment scenario the EPZs of Bangladesh have revised its expansion strategy and in tune with the varied needs of the present day businesses Bangladesh EPZ Authority BEPZA is customizing its investment incentives and facilities. Permission for setting up industry in the zone, etc.

Guide to Invstment in Bangladesh Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980

Exemption of income tax up to 3 years for the foreign technicians employed in industries specified in the relevant schedule of income tax ordinance. Distribution of property after death, if there is no Will. Development of a productive and sound industrial relation environment. Since independence Bangladesh has made remarkable progress in diversified areas of social, political, cultural and economic life of its citizen.

LVI of to Ordinance No. Re-investment of repatriable dividend treated as new investment. I am deeply impressed to take part with implementing works. Absorption of huge unskilled and skilled work force in the export-driven labor-intensive manufacturing sector of EPZs have facilitated rapid industrialization process and accelerated the real economic growth.


III of Act No. Industrial Policy ensures equal treatment for local and foreign investment. Palestinian court jails US-Palestinian for life for Jerusalem land sale. Simultaneously with the primary objective of employment generation, EPZs have also facilitated diversification of the product base by adding new sectors like electronic, shoes, engineering products other than RMG. Extension of term loans by banks on normal banking considerations to foreign firms operating in Bangladesh.

Adequate compensation for the purpose of sub-section 1 shall be an amount equivalent to the market value of investment expropriated or nationalised immediately before the expropriation or nationalisation. Mention may also be made that investors from 33 countries have already invested in the EPZs of Bangladesh. Export oriented industries are exempted from paying local taxes such as municipal taxes.

Royalty is a fee paid by the local manufacturer to its foreign collaborator in actt of. Obtaining of interest free repatriable short terms foreign currency loans by foreign firms investing in Bangladesh from their head officesor any other sources through any authorised dealer.

Encouraging export oriented industries is one of the major objectives of the Industrial Policy, and as such the government ensures gepza and co-operation to the exporters as per Export Policy. IV of to Act No. Allotment of land etc.

Guide to Invstment in Bangladesh Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act,

The functions of the Authority. The core competency areas of Bangladesh EPZs are its diversified and attractive package of incentives and physical facilities. Entire export earning from handicrafts and cottage industries is exempted from income tax. Print Edition Read pdf version Subscribe now.


Compliance: BEPZA Act –

Export-oriented industries are allocated foreign exchange for publicity campaign vepza for opening offices abroad. Other industries in developed areas: No permission is required for import of free list items.

After receiving the application BOI provides assistance to get the industrial plot. With a view to ensuring backward linkage, export-oriented industries including export-oriented ready-made garment industries using indigenous raw materials instead of imported one are given additional facilities and benefits at prescribed rates.

XII of to Ordinance No. Create more zones in the strategically located sites to accommodate the increasing demand of the existing investors.

Achieve organizational excellence by developing online capabilities and automation to ensure quality and expeditious delivery of services to the investors. In order to boost its economic development a number of steps have been taken to attract Foreign Direct Investment FDI and facilitate industrialization process of the country.

Tax exemption on royalties, technical know — how fees received by any foreign collaborator, firm, company and expert.

III of to Act No. Power to create zones. After starting commercial production the entrepreneur may apply to BOI for regularisation of the ad-hoc import entitlement.

During the initial years it could not happen.