Brothers Andrew and Adam Steiner are both descended from Simon Borge- Steiner, but it is unclear who their parents were. ↑ Brothers Andrew and Adam. Was wondering if there are any novels that focuses specifically on House Steiner/ The Lyran Commonwealth/The Lyran Alliance, or at least has. Compiled from ComStar records both ancient and modern comes this sourcebook on the Lyran Commonwealth and House Steiner. Included are dozens of.

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See you on the field! Most importantly of course, the one I’m part of.

I was mistake, the Shadowhawk is not manufactured within the Commonwealth but it is a fairly common mech to see. Thks in advance for any help! You cannot reply to this topic Go to first unread post.

So now I’m trying to find as much information on them that I can since I plan on playing as the Lyran Commonwealth in the local game store’s campaing. Prince of Havoc and Warrior: One other detail which might be worth battlrtech is that the aforementioned A Bonfire of Worlds is of particular relevance if you plan on getting caught up with the set of circumstances the Lyran Commonwealth finds itself in as of Era Report: House Steiner and Field Manual: Edited by bloodangeluk, 15 June – Love my other variants as well.

You just need to find a role, maybe a scout or you play conquest and capture points with it. Sort of Steiner you also have a few books that deal with the Stormhammers, the Lyran flavor militia in Skye’s prefecture that consolidates the rebel group.


This doesn’t include all the Inner Sphere General mechs. Most importantly the Atlas. Lists like that are a lovely touch for me and I do like to see them around. But you can justify almost any mech for houde faction really. I bought the Oxide mech thinking I would get some nostalgia from my original MW yes I’m dating myself here games. I’ve steinet began to play through Battletech: Loving the hard links in paticular. More specifically, there are a couple of FedCom Civil War novels whose names come immediately to mind.

It gives me a lot more to think about when considering what to fill the empty mechbay with. It’s the fastest mech in the game and it’s really fun.

TheMainframer, on 23 April – I realise I’m crazy for not going pure stats and ‘meta’ but I do like to theme certain things I do. No was just kiddin! There is certainly mechs that are more common than others but there’s nothing to say that the mech you pilot wasn’t mothballed back in the day and has been taking out of storage for use. Looking to get a set of light mechs to play in game, but just generally curious as well.

Remember many mechs are imported or acquired by other means that may not make this hoise. Indeed, one of the non-Lyran plot lines in Bonfire leads directly into the opening fiction in FM: Maybe it’s not the typical beginners mech.

Handbook: House Steiner – BattleTechWiki

Posted 24 March – Colt Ward Colonel Posts: The moderator formerly known as the user formerly known as nenechan. MechWarrior and Battletech are registered trade-marks of Microsoft Corporation and are used under license.


Posted 28 March – battletech I’m constantly considering saving them to a document somewhere just to have a general idea what the factions are rolling around in.

Posted 01 April – Thanks for the replies. Thunderbolt, Dragon Salvaged from the CombineAssaults: William Slayer, on 23 March – I already ordered copies of Handbook: Measure of a Hero, Call of Duty, and Operation Audacity are all about a Lyran war hero named Archer Christifori who is loyal to Victor during the Civil War and follow his adventures as he fights his way across the Alliance.

Handbook: House Steiner

Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read. Not my style, but that’s not the point of my question up top.

Not familiar with the Flashman until I looked it up on Sarna. Posted 27 March – The Atlas II is also extremely rare as they we’re only brought back by the clans. The Eagle Captain Posts: Posted 22 May – Other than that, a significant portion of the novels set in the s follow Victor Steiner-Davion and his life, which is mostly spent split between Tharkad and New Avalon when he’s not fighting the Clans in person, anyway.

You’ve already gotten through the Blood of Kerensky which has lots of action in Lyran space.