ARTEP DRILL. CHAPTER 1. Battle Drill Training. General. The goal of training is to produce combat ready units that respond to. Published version expected to field by end of June 88 ARTEP MTP, Supersedes drills in FMs , , , and ARTEP 2-Drill. ARTEP DRILLARMY TRAINING AND EVALUATON PROGRAM No. DRILL Headquarters Department of the Army Washington, DC.

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Drill training is a key factor in achieving this goal.

Unit leaders must continuously perform a risk assessment of conditions in which training is conducted to prevent the unnecessary loss of Soldiers and equipment. If stationary, drivers start their vehicles and drikl in the direction and distance ordered.

This manual provides a set of core battle drills for the infantry rifle platoon and squad, active and reserve component.

The bounding section moves to assume the overwatch position. Soldiers on disabled vehicles in the kill zone dismount, occupy covered positions, and engage the enemy with accurate drilo.

ARTEP 7-90, Drills for the Inf Mortar Plt, Sect, and Sq

Distribution authorized to United States U. The unit breaks contact using fire and movement. If cover is not available, immediately, without order or signal, assault through the kill zone.

Mounted – When moving, drivers immediately move their vehicles out of the impact area in the direction and distance ordered. Each vehicle commander ensures his vehicle is correctly positioned, using cover and concealment, and the crew served weapon is manned and scanning.


Artep 7 1 Drill – [PDF Document]

If moving as part of a combat patrol, vehicle gunners suppress and fix the enemy allowing others to maneuver against and destroy the enemy. After the impacts, Soldiers move rapidly in the direction and distance to the dirll rally point. The enemy initiates contact with direct fire. The use of the nouns platoon, squad, section and team do not refer exclusively to Infantry units and their structure.

Every effort must be made to attain this difficult goal. All or part of the unit is receiving enemy direct aryep. Soldiers learn best by using a handson approach. By following the unit environmental SOP, the environmental guidance that leaders publish in operation orders [OPORDs] and installation environmental regulations, Soldiers can help the Army meet its compliance goal.

The action is initiated on cue via an enemy action or simply a leader’s order and is a trained response to the given stimulus that requires minimum leader orders to drull.

This qrtep applies to publications required solely for official use and to those containing valuable technical or operational information. Dismounted – Soldiers in the kill zone immediately return fire on known or suspected enemy positions and assault through the kill zone. Squad leaders reposition their Soldiers as needed in overwatch positions. Soldiers clear the area and establish local security.


Reimer Training and Doctrine Digital Library at www.

We recommend you do not use local checklists, as they can become negative training tools. Leaders use the safety checklist of the United States Army Combat Readiness Center, Fort Rucker, Alabama, in conjunction atrep local unit safety checklists, to enhance the overall safety practices of Soldiers during training.

Immediate Assault 1 The platoon and the enemy simultaneously detect artepp other at close range. An example technique is the meters; each Soldier immediately scans 5 meters around his position and then searches out to 25 meters based on the duration of the halt. This page intentionally left blank.

Artep 7 1 Drill

Drills are performed to standard throughout like units in the army. Tough, realistic, and intellectually and physically challenging training excites and motivates Soldiers 77 leaders. FMOperations, and supporting doctrinal manuals describe common procedures and uniform operational methods that permit leaders and organizations to rapidly adjust to changing situations.

Soldiers not in the kill zone identify the enemy location, place wellaimed suppressive fire on the enemy’s position and shift fire as Soldiers assault the objective. Vehicle commanders order Soldiers to dismount, clear the area and provide local security.