Practicing the methods to take rebirth in the Pure Land of Buddha Amitabha Do the Buddha Amitabha Sadhana of the Namchö tradition, accumulating. A short prayer of invocation and aspiration addressed to Amitābha, the The Swift Path to Great Bliss: A Sādhana of Amitābha, Buddha of Limitless Light by. held on the Amitabha Sadhana Retreat at Water Hall in December Contents 1Amitabha and Amitayus 2Light and infinite light. 3The mudra(s) of Amitabha.

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With heart-felt devotion I concentrate single-pointedly on Guru Amitabha. Marpa manifested a mandala of Chakrasamvara in ssdhana sky and asked Naropa if he should prostrate to the deity or the lama.

The dharmakaya appears everywhere, dependent on the clarity of one’s mind. So we cannot but conceive of ultimate reality except in terms of categories with which we are familiar from our own experience.

Buddha Amitabha Practice

If you don’t have amitbha doubt then there aren’t many obstacles to being reborn in Amitabha’s realm. Bound by craving and grasping, I have experienced continuous misery. In the practice of Dharma, every circumstance is considered to occur according to the ‘laws of interdependence’, and sometimes events can happen auspiciously or inauspiciously.

One sadhanw one’s impure samadhi, incorrect recitation and any omissions. Within this paradise is contained all the wealth and splendour of deities. There follows a praise to Amitabha’s Vajra Mind, which is endowed with the 2 qualities of knowing the nature of things just as they are, and the many things that are to be known.

It says in the abhidharma teachings, concerning group practice, that if people recite a mantra together with a mutual intention, as they are doing here every evening in Samye-Ling, then even though one person may recite only mantras, through everyone together completing million mantras, each person who participates will gain the benefit of reciting the whole number of mantras.


Buddhas do not remain thee, because suffering beings are like their children. This point I think incidentally is made by cough obscures name!

They can be recited during meditation to purify and calm the mind. They are essentially the same Buddha. All the monks fled, and one saw Mahakala fleeing with them. If one ‘offers the anger’, in this instance as amrita, the wisdom deity is not actually drinking some amrita.

To his right is Chenrezig, white in colour, standing on a moon-disc and lotus, with 4 arms: He vowed that he would not achieve buddhahood until every being who prayed to be in his buddha-realm could be born there. It is made of lapis-lazuli, is 8-faceted, and is worn on the sadhxna top-knot. That’s why it’s very important to amitabua to get some glimpse of the underlying realities.

This is called the visualisation ‘like a circle of fire’.

Meditation on Amitabha Buddha

I’ve expressed it quite generally and crudely. Amitabga to the scientific view, one sees this world and the central mountain as round with all the continents encircling it. Chandrakirti used the example of a chariot. To the guru, teacher, wmitabha transcendent destroyer, one thus gone, foe destroyer, completely and fully awakened one, magnificent king, Guru Amitabha of boundless light, I prostrate, make offeringsand go for refuge.

There is no special visualisation. One offers a torma possessing the flavours and the 5 pleasures of the senses, and also rakta, which is essentially an offering of red amrita. He holds a begging-bowl filled with amrita, symbolising his kindness towards sentient beings by giving vast and deep Dharma teachings.

Then King Trisong Deutsen, unable to bear the sufferings of his minister, asked Padmasambhava for a practice to overcome his minister’s sufferings.

The Buddha’s neck has the shape of a vase, since on the path he nursed the sick and gave delicious food to many. But we can’t see this so we need outer jewels. I reveal and confess every destructive action I have done since beginningless time, And rejoice in the countless virtues done by ordinary beings and the inconceivable virtues accumulated by aryas.


That concludes the praise and homage to the dharmakaya. There follows the offering of the Supreme Mountain and the continents. The four arms symbolize the four immeasurables of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity.

Nothing in samsara is certain except that all mundane ammitabha die away. The dakinis merge into the bodies of the 3 deities.

This is one of the most important developments within our new Buddhist community for many years. They are inexhaustible offerings filling the whole of space. The moon symbolizes the cooling of the heat of desire. We use that expression metaphorically. From his body emanate countless large and small bodies of Amitabha; from his speech, countless mantras and HRIH syllables; from his mind emanate large and small 5-pronged red vajras.

A child cannot exist without parents or the parents without the child. A sadgana, long time ago, before this era known as the Superior Aeon, there appeared in the world a Buddha called Jikten Wangchuk Gyalpo. After the bodhisattvas have offered the drinking-water of the 8 qualities, as an auspicious sign for oneself and all beings becoming free from suffering, they merge back into oneself as Chenrezig.

He holds a bowl filled with wisdom nectar. Although they have no dirt, smell or stain on their bodies, one enacts this as a sadhanx sign Tib.