ALMOST, MAINE. BY JOHN CARIANI. * Revised Anyone receiving permission to produce ALMOST, MAINE is required to give credit to the Author as sole and. ALMOST, MAINE A real romantic comedy by John Cariani. April 5, 6, 11, 12, 13 at 8pm | April 7, 14 at 2pm. Rafters Theatre, Dutcher Hall. Directed by Tony Elliot. The incredible true story of John Cariani’s Almost, Maine. A Fast Company tragicomedy in three acts.

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I think it can be done by virtually any theater company without offending anyone. Portland Stage Company Portland, Maine. But our second johj contains surprises: So you can get a winter coat anywhere, or you can go really crazy with things.

The Department of Theatre seeks students interested in studying acting, directing, scene design His biggest fans tend to be teenagers located far from New York. It is just as much about pain.

Read More dancers Performer.

It premiered at the Portland Stage Company in Portland, Maine in where it broke box office records and garnered critical acclaim. The resulting play is 11 scenes of mostly independent maaine between couples or small groups.

How A Complete Flop Became The Most Popular Play In America

See all upcoming theatre performances. Almost, Maine is a series of loosely intertwined scenes about love and loss that take place over one night in a fictional Maine town. The play survived a death-sentence review to become one of the biggest hits in contemporary global theater. How did the play peel itself off the morgue slab to crack the boards so thunderously? During the school year, it was No. I do feel that life is really complex, but it can also be really simple.


And if you live in New York, you become hardened to a certain degree. Ricky Gervais shares a doozy about an early, indelible writing lesson. The plays are kind of Taylor Swift-y, you know? The New York Times review of the play in was mixed: Retrieved 9 December — via Google Books.

Today, it is massively popular with community theaters, regional repertory houses, and international performance groups.

John Cariani contacted a local news outlet about the controversy and was quoted as saying “I believe the play is about love, not sexual love. I think that probably plays better to the less hardened among us. The New York Times.

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So how did this massive popularity happen? Improbably, the play has found itself recently embroiled in scandal. I love this play!

This page is only accessible by StageAgent Pro members. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The scene with the two young men has no reference to sex at all. Aside from a few references in dialog to characters in other scenes, the stories do not intertwine.

ALMOST, MAINE by John Cariani | Millersville University

The Best Plays of “. Principal Rob Bliss released a statement cariain the cafiani as having “sexually-explicit overtones and multiple sexual innuendos that are not aligned with our mission and educational objectives. As alomst actor, he is doing well: When Almost, Maine made its Off-Broadway premiere init closed after a month due to poor ticket sales.


Almost, Maine was written with the intent cariank allow doubling, and can be performed by as few as 4 actors 2 Male, 2 Femalehowever the playwright encourages flexibility in the ensemble, and the play can be performed by as many as 19 actors 10 Male, 9 Female.

The play was directed by local actor and attorney William Morgan. Design The 15 coolest interfaces of the year. Guide written by Eleanor Cohn-Eichner. One couple, recently broken up, has this exchange:. This is a beautifully structured play, with nifty surprise endings most but not all of them happy and passing references to characters from other vignettes, which slyly tell us more about them. By Chris Chafin long Read.

Some things were logistic.

Almkstit was the most-produced high school play in America. Propelled by the mystical energy of the aurora borealis and populated with characters who are humorous, plain-spoken, thoughtful, and sincere, Almost, Maine is a series of loosely connected tales about love, each with a compelling couple at its center, each with its own touch of sorcery.

Almost, Maine

Cariani cites The Twilight Zone as an influence, and virtually all the scenes in Almost, Maine have a less-than-subtle metaphorical twist or set piece. This was in Script, Almost Maine Almost Maine. Archived from the original on 19 October