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I told my wife that I loved Gogol.

As it is, we often have occasion to see things that are far from comforting. I listened to the audiobook and was going to read along with it but found out that I had a different translation, so I opted for the audiobook. I love the Russian writers.

La primera, obviamente nos introduce de lleno en la vida de este particular personaje y nos cuenta todo lo que le sucede, pero la segunda es un tanto confusa. But it’s the first great Russian novel, and you can see prototypes here for Raskolnikov and Tolstoy’s great conflicted landowner Levin. But that first bit is one of my favorite reading experiences this year. So we are left with part one, some bits of part two and an outline of the three part whole of the work, the rest having gone up in smoke.

Indeed, I tend to find these incomplete, sometimes unedited, narratives charming, like a beautiful girl with a lisp. It is a criticism of a whole System of power in which corruption is only one of the many nefarious side-effects. I did not know what to expect and that was quite good actually. This is a book I picked up a long time ago when I worked in the bookstore scene. Serfs could be mortgaged by their owners. This is understandable but not very satisfying. I’m waiting for your respond, thanks in advance.


Inspite of it being a Russian classic, it can get pretty boring often. Anyway, An absurd and brilliant satire. Aug 18, Jan-Maat added it Recommends it for: Gogol captures the absurdity of the midth century Russia.

{DOWNLOAD} Nikolai Gogol – Almas Mortas [PDF]

My first time with Gogol was “The Nose” and I absolutely loved it. Too much meaningless dialogue. Chichikov That’s not what Gogol Here’s a Russian douchebag.

I can’t say that I was overly impressed with this. Who can honestly say that they find any of those punch pictures that so often frequent history books as even remotely funny? The only potential survivor is the Fabulous Chichikov, standing in the middle of all the complex highly leveraged exotic trades I created without necessarily understanding all of the implications But I believed wrong. It’s hard to say, perhaps the reason is he tried to be too many things at the same time and didn’t give me a chance to love any.

Soon thereafter, he took to bed, refused all food, and died in great pain nine days later. You know, it was a part of a bigger project of Gogol’s. All in all I’m glad to have finally read this book. I could not find any reference to this online. His mother was a descendant of Polish nobility. I often see, as I meander around the internet, reviews and articles bemoaning the incomplete, the not-fully-unrealised.

Brent Ranalli I thought the same thing–tantalizing and would be a good joke.

In sum, this was a book that I could appreciate on many levels the quality of the writing, the historical detail, the cleverness of the plot and there were certainly moments of the story that I truly liked. Now Kerouac has my attention. And at the same time, it can not be ignored that what our hero possesses is just as good as the dreams which any gentleman of his age might have: Want to Read saving…. Bureaucratic inept government and pompous neurotic gentry get scathing treatment. Unbutton the top four buttons of your silk shirt and get psyched.

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Or, rather, expect to enjoy the first part but be disappointed in the second part. Obviously, this is not an opinion I share.

Almas Mortas by Nikolai Gogol (2 star ratings)

He is, then, on the surface, a middling sort, who, moreover, nikloai to have no discernible personality of his own. However, before we can truly sink into this, we are abruptly asked to move onto the third part. This one was just OK.

I couldn’t help loathing him. Ik vond het een zware klus, maar echt, wie ben ik langdradig, saai en niet boeiend. I don’t need a narrator telling me “stay tuned, something will Disclaimer: Hardcoverpages. As the poplar trees gleefully wave, birch trees stubbornly stand and the rain occasionally interrupts the itinerary, his nikoolai coachman takes us on the business of our hero to the secluded lands of various landowners who may be ennobled or corrupted or lackadaisical or reprehensible niko,ai rarely widowed.

So glaringly, this is the way to go even today and the need all the more acute. I often found myself drifting away, my mind engaging elsewhere, forcing me to miss long portions of the story.

Return to Book Page. On the alas of 24 Februaryhe burned some of his manuscripts, which contained most of the second part of Dead Souls. The second part, which unfortunately has many pages missing, is written quite differently by Gogol.