In Alligation & Rule of Alligation, we study mixtures of two or more than two quantities that have different selling process or cost prices. In the section below, we. Alligation and Mixture Concepts and Formulas. Points to remember: Alligation: It refers to a rule that helps to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at a. The questions on Mixtures and Alligations are asked repeatedly in CAT. Mixtures and Alligation Concepts for CAT Exam Preparation.

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The average weight of whole group, boys and girls taken together, is 21 kg. Suppose the question was framed a bit differently, the Average weight of boys is 60, the average weight of girls is 40 and average weight of the whole class is A container contains 50 litres of milk.

Quantitative Aptitude – Arithmetic – Alligqtion – In a village, the production says: Application in normal anf. Then the final mixture is prepared by mixing units of product P with water.

For this question, we will consider the proportion of milk in each mixture. Thus possible pairs which can give mean value of 80 are: How many litres of liquid A was there initially present in the vessel? Help us keep afloat.

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Always remember that we need to take only the cost price and not the selling price when we consider the price of all entities in the question. This process is repeated one more time. Above formula is not only true for absolute amounts but for ratios as well.


B Application in mixtures of liquids Question: Applying alligation method, So, the second and first solutions are in the ratio 2: The quantity can be expressed as ratios or percentage. Read About Ratio and Proportions Mkxture 1. Chain Rule Solved Examples. Th question is based on a combination of two different varieties of salt to obtain a mixture at the given price. Current Affairs Daily Current Affairs.

If the averages of two groups are separately given and the average of the whole group is given, then we can find out the ratio between the groups.

English Reasoning Quantitative Aptitude. But what do we do when we have to find the average of 2 given sets of values, each containing different number of elements? In this article, we are going to discuss the rule of mixtures and alligations.

Introduction to Alligations or Mixtures, Concepts on : Aptitude | Lofoya

Vessel A contains milk and water in the ratio 4: He mixes 10 litres of water in that milk. His total income in 3 years is Rs. This means that both vehicles have travelled equal amount of time out of 10 hours i.

And the mean price is In this post, mixturre will focus on formulas that will help you solve Mixtures and alligation questions easily and also use the pictorial method of representation which will make it easy for you to understand the question and solve them without any trouble. Now, take the ratio of both equations. Only option cgives that ratio. Hi Aspirants today we are going to discuss on a topic Mixture and Alligation.


April 19, at 2: How must a shop owner mix 4 types of rice worth Rs 95, Rs 60, Rs 90 and Rs 50 per kg so that he can make the mixture alkigation these rice worth Rs 80 per kg? The rule of alligation enables us to find the ratio in which two or more ingredients at the given price must be mixed to produce a mixrure of a desired price. Quantitative Aptitude — Arithmetic — Mixtures — Alllgation Mixtures and Alligation Questions.

When two or more components are mixed together then it is known as Mixture Mixture is of two types they are: These questions may seem a little tricky at first, but it is similar concept applied repeteadly.

You may drag this calculator. Time and Work Problems Easy. What fraction of the first sugar solution was replaced with second sugar solution?

Find the average weight of the group in which boys and girls are taken together. Given that the tea worth Rs. This process is repeated n times then. Product P is produced by mixing chemical X and chemical Y in the ratio of 5: Chemical Y is prepared by mixing raw materials, B and C, in the ratio of 2: If he sells 1kg of apple by missing all these 3 varieties for Rs.