Akai’s S01 Midi Digital Sampler. It seems almost obsolete these days. Released in , this 2-space rack unit offered 8-voices of polyphony, and 1 MB. Sorry, this listing is no longer available. See Similar Keyboards and Synths. Studio Electronics Boomstar Mix 4 Mixer. $ Brand New. Studio Electronics. Get manuals, specifications, and demos for the Akai S01 sampler.

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Few scuffs here and there. View the discussion thread. You need to be a member in order to leave a review. Memory – 1mb There is some compatibility with ,anual Sampler Sound Libraries.

The 8 buttons on the front panel represent the 8 banks the user can store sounds on and each button corresponds to trigger its own sound. Pics show S01 with Akai SG01k sound module on top listed separately. Perfect for drummers triggering drum hits! The roadcase that this item was staged on for the pictures is not included.

It seems almost obsolete these days. These are very popular with the circuit benders out there! Gebraucht, sehr gut gepflegt, aus Studio Gebrauch. Sign up for a new account in our community.


Akai Professional S01 MIDI Digital Sampler – Akai – Encyclotronic

I cannot find the original manual following a move of house but am more than manua, to forward at a later date if it turns up. Yeah, it’s pretty weak, but for the time it was an excellent entry-level sampler or even as an addition to your S, S or MPC Please read up on this item before purchasing. FL and Akai release Fire controller Polyphony – 8 voices. I sampled some nin and some gloria estefan into this thing just for fun, and wow that is really funny. It predates the MPC though it shares much of the same electronics, therefore a similar sound.

The 19 inch 2 space rack includes two sets of MIDI ports two audio outputs.

Akai’s S01 Midi Digital Aoai. Any questions, please contact me. It comes with a lite version of FL in the box which like all versions includes lifetime You can truncate your samples, transpose and loop and even reverse them.

Fabster – Akai S – pierwszy kontakt z samplerem.

Other Media Files : Akai S01

Other that that its in very good condition. Display, alle Regler und Pads lassen sich dementsprechend tadellos bedienen. It works great, I however have no documentation for it, but its operation is super simple.

Sampler – 16 bit, 32 kHz linear. The unit offers basic looping, reverse looping, one shot, and adjustable parameters like loop points. Problems importing other formats to Akai S I have powered up the machine but not tested sound quality.


Already have an account? Released inthis 2-space rack unit offered 8-voices of polyphony, and 1 MB expandable to 2 MB of sample memory for about 15 to 30 seconds of sample time.

One on the front and one on the back that alai both identical and are mono out. Go to synthesizers Akai.

Fairly limited because of short sample time but sounds great and tracks really well. The instrument features onboard editing tools and settings to help speed up the processing of samples and allow the user to have them ready to go at a push of a button or through MIDI across an entire range of a MIDI keyboard. Playback and sampling can be controlled with an additional foot-switch. Sign In Sign Up. An audio input on the front and a headphone output with knob adjustments and a jog wheel with an alphanumeric display screen.