ajeeb larki novel pdf, free download ajeeb larki urdu novel yaqoob jameel pdf, read online yaqoob jameel urdu jasoosi crime thriller book ajeeb. keay hain ap sab “ajeeb larki” parha acha novel hai mgr aisa hergiz nahi hai. wo larka rota rota apne ghr gaya aur apni ammi se ja k bola k mje fulaan larki( sara) ne maara hai, phir to jaise bichari sara k peeche koi.

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I had no idea that how many traffic signals i broke. The card was in pretty messed up shape but still my name and number was readable. Time is running short. A few weeks later after this incident I novrl sleeping in my room. Laarki particular morning when I woke up, I found a lot of tension going on in the house.

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The person tip toed towards the bed, raised the hand and then lowered it quickly towards the bed. I took her to my house. Did you read another thriller mysterious novel of this author titled as darinda by yaqoob jameel. I stepped forward and extended my hand towards him by saying??

He killed my brother for no reason. It was horrible scene. She opened the door of the apartment. She kept on looking at the ground and kept on scratching the surface with her toe. As u sow so shall u reap. She told me every thing in one breath and handed over my?? I was getting anxious.


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The election season came. I will admit her to the hospital tomorrow and we will start the treatment. There were two druggy guys there. She wanted to run away but I didn? The same old guy from the campus shop was her father. Finally it ended up in divorce in a few weeks. I shook hand with him but I could see the hate in her eyes for me.

He was a sensible guy and accepted my offer with open heart. Khuwabon Ki Tabeer Author: I sold every thing, bought a nice house in Lahore city and moved there. He was constantly starring at me with stabbing eyes. How could u do that. Time came to a stand still ajeb me.

There she wasa very pretty girl was standing in front with ragging hate and anger in her eyes. I attended a few but my heart was not there.

He responded with out any fear in his voice. Then I told her that I am his son khurram and he was killed recently. Lari, case against each others, more murders same story again and again. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

She took me to a room. She came to say good bye to the door.

I was coming back and all of a sudden some thing touched back of my neck. I left it on time. I shouted at qjeeb.


Ajeeb Larki

Gun men boarded the jeeps and they headed towards the fields. Ziddi tu mein hoon par khamosh type ka, I replied. I repeated the wish a few more time and one day she finally agreed and gave the address and told me to come in the evening. Shut up and just keep on driving, he shouted. I was sitting in my noel one evening reading a novel, the phone bell rang.

Inhi dino wo apne parents k saath nae shehr shift ho gaen thiuski life ne jaise ajeeb morr le lye ho jaiseek to us k abu ki death ooper se naya ghar …sb kch jaise ajeeb sa ho jaise, naya ghr nae log nae chehre aue sara wohi pehle jaise khamosh …… chuna che us ki mangni kitayaryan b start thenper hairat ki baat ye thi k usne aejeb parents se kbi nahe poocha tha k larka kon hai kya krta hai wagera wagera, bs usse iss bat ka yaqeen tha k us k parents ne jo koi b chunna hoga wo achaa e hoga.

How could u end u end up like this. Bak bak band karoo aur bag jayo. We are really sorry to say this book is permanently deleted and as far not available but you may download or read another two boo