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Batteries may be life threatening if swallowed. Wir empfehlen maximal 3 Einheiten pro Tag, mit einer Ruhephase von mindestens 4 Stunden zwischen den Einheiten. Slide the removable large stimulation pad onto the belt. Danger Abmaxc with Batteries Before inserting the batteries, check whether the contacts in the device and on the battery are clean and if necessary, clean them. By pushing the button again, you reach the next intensity level. Adjusting belt for the small stimulation pad 2x 3.

Verwenden Sie keine Chemikalien, um die Silikonelektroden zu reinigen. When the batteries are low, the battery light will turn off. Place the belt with the small stimulation pad on your calf to stimulate the calve muscles.

Die Bedieneinheit arbeitet nicht richtig.

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Verwenden Sie leistungsstarke Alkaline-Batterien. If you shift the stimulation pads during use, you will notice that muscle contractions increase or decrease. Make sure, however, that the contact medium is preferably water-based.

Cleaning and storage Do not use any corrosive or abrasive cleaning agents to clean the appliance. Dispose of the packaging in an environmentally-friendly manner and make it available for the recyclable material collectionservice. Nettoyez les contacts avant de mettre de nouvelles piles. For more information, please contact your local authority. Dispose of it at a recycling centre for old electric and electronic appliances. Pour la stimulation du ventre, du dos, For more information, please download the instructions above.


Thus you will prevent damages that could occur if the batteries leak. Routine changeante avec beaucoup d’impulsions rapides. They could damage the unit.

Environmental conditions Do not subject the device to extreme temperatures, severe changes in temperatures, direct sunlight or moisture. For best results, you will need to apply a gel as a contact medium between your skin and the silicone electrodes.

AB Maxx Pro II Manuals

Stimulieren Sie jede Muskelgruppe maximal 30 Minuten am Tag. Tipps und Empfehlungen sind mit diesem Symbol gekennzeichnet.

Warranty provisions Defects caused by improper handling, damage or attempts at repair are excluded from the warranty. Place the belt with the large stimulation pad on your upper abdominal area in order to stimulate the muscles in wnleitung area. Turn off and reduce intensity.

Ab Maxx Pro II Manuals

Il est interdit d’utiliser l’appareil sur les nourrissons et les personnes endormies ou inconscientes. Por Click to preview. Befestigen Sie einen der beiden Feststellgurte mit dem Klettverschluss am kleinen Stimulationskissen. Grand coussin de stimulation Sans illustration: Wischen Sie alle Teile mit einem leicht angefeuchteten Tuch ab und wischen mit einem weichen, trockenen Tuch nach. We recommend limiting the use to no more than 3 times per day with at least a 4-hour break between each use.

  1747 RM001 EN P PDF

Danger of suffocation by the wrapper and bags. Select the stimulation programme with the MODE button. Preparation for using the small stimulation pad 1.

In this case, stop the use immediately and consult your physician, if necessary. Check whether the control unit has been securely attached to the snap fasteners.

Open the battery compartment cover on the control unit by pulling it towards the arrow. Sportastisch extreme ab roller bauchtrainer bauchtrainer.

In the event of contact with battery acid, immediately rinse the affected areas off with plenty of clean water and immediately consult a physician. The silicone electrode or stimulation pad are worn down or bamaxx.

Platzieren Sie das kleine Stimulationskissen am Unterarm, um die Unterarmmuskulatur zu stimulieren. Electrical pulses cause muscles to contract, which can stimulate different muscle groups at the same time. Ceinture pour monter le grand coussin de stimulation 5. Legen Sie neue Batterien ein. Die Batterien sind nicht korrekt eingelegt.

The ptaptt and fibrinogen tests currently offered on the vetscan vspro deliver uncompromising accuracy from a. Stimulate each muscle group no more than 30 minutes a day. Les personnes n’ayant aucune sensation au niveau de la peau ne doivent pas abmzxx l’appareil.

Should you identify any transport damages, do not use the device! Stimulez chaque groupe musculaire au maximum durant 30 minutes par jour.