Download your free PDF file of the dodge caliber on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. INTRODUCTION. This manual has been prepared with the assistance of service and engineering specialists to acquaint you with the operation and. Workshop Manual. Dodge Caliber Workshop Manual; (5, Pages). (Free) Owners Manual. Dodge Caliber Owners Manual; ( Pages). (Free).

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First the low beam went out and I could still use the high beam but after a while the high beam also went out. We bought ownegs caliber for my son’s first car a couple of months ago.

I manjal a Dodge Calibe LE, live in a tropical country, the gear box heats up and stalls; on highways or long roads, it heats up and stalls, the car slows down. And this week-end i will try to find a fuse box in good shape in scrap yard to change it myself.

Got the solution in only The Tire Pressure Monitoring Telltale Lamp will flash on and off for 60 seconds when a system fault is detected. One thing that did work in the interim of waiting for the Module to be ordered my mechanic added a kill switch to the car to keep the starter from being oeners up.

Upload Photo Photo optional. The rpm’s were not going crazy or anything but after about 2 minutes on YouTube http: I have the same problem, 207 like dodge sold a soda can and put a label on it and say run.

First let me say that I am from Venezuela and I do not speak much English, so I’m helping with an online translator and thank excuse me if there is any error in writing.


Hey guys my name’s mat I drive a yellow caliber with the 2. I am looking to see if there are any recalls calibeer this issue.

Dodge Caliber Workshop & Owners Manual | Free Download

Also, have had both back windows fixed before the warranty was up because the motor went out even though I never use the back windows. I replaced battery but that wasn’t the problem I bought it owers I found the issue with my – there is a box of relays manuap the left front wheel well. One thousand dollars too fix a bulb problem!! I just had the same problem this week with my Caliber. Hopefully something will come of this. Left the dealer heard a loud scratching noise took it back they put 20007 on a lift and called me in.

Thanks for the heads up, I’m going to try replacein the fuse box. I want to cry! We use the car as a back up vehicle now, so hate to spend This is ridiculous, I too oners facing same problem now with my Dodge Caliber SXT the driver side headlight is out unless I turn highbeams on! I am from North Carolina, so the temps are warmer and weather is completely different than up north.

Your Vehicle Dashboard

I currently have my R? Yes I have a also and I am not having that issue but I am having an issue with the fuse box and it may have to be replaced as well. Now the only thing that does not work is the speed odometer. I would like to be included when you approach Dodge with this issue. Tonybonton answered 2 years ago. I am having an issue with my left head light and left high beam.

All you have to do is find the low beam hot wire on the right side piggy back a piece of wire long enough to reach the left side light piggy back it to the left low beam hot wire.


The issue i’m having is that my headlights wont come on unless its on high beams. I agree woners you these cars are too new to be having issues like this. I have had nothing but problems with my dodge caliber Just sitting here in shock at the moment. Dodgge just called Crysler customer service and had them certify my call, please call to inform this problem so we may get reimbursedsave your receipts if you had work done!!

Turns out the TIPM is bad. I have already filed a complaint here. My problems are just starting Both times i almost could have lost my life can i sue them for selling a non-safety car?

Dodge Caliber Owners Manuals | Just Give Me The Damn Manual

Rodge car just did the same thing. I have power into the box and the fuse is alright just nothing in between??? My steering locked as well. Sign me up for petition!

Dodge Caliber Owners Manuals

Got it pulled over and checked the oil. I just wanted to post my experience with dealing with my SXT. Then everything electric would completely shut down in the car including the electric door locks. Replacing it yourself is relatively simple. On top of that I was told that they would have to check all the pwners to ensure that all the corrosion was taken care of, which would probably cost a whole bunch of money seeing as there is a whole lot of wiring that would have dodgf be checked.