PILOT’S OPERATING HANDBOOK and. FAA APPROVED AIRPLANE FLIGHT MANUAL. CESSNA AIRCRAFT COMPANY. MODEL N. The POH is a document developed by the aircraft manufacturer and contains FAA approved AFM information. Which typically contains the following nine. Page 1. INFORMATION. MANUAL. Ir Cessna. SALES AND SERVICE. MODEL. RG. Cutlass RG. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7.

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Occasionally check the compass heading and make minor corrections to hold an approximate course. Prior to takeoff from fields csesna feet elevation, the mixture should be leaned to give maximum power in a full throttle, static runup.

Refer to the Loading Arrangements diagram for forward and aft limits of occupant C.

POH Cessna 1980 172RG

Clockwise rotation increases audio level. This handbook contains 9 sections, and includes the material required to be furnished to the pilot by CAR Part 3. The pilot seat cannot be moved aft appreciably without releasing both the normal locking device and the secon- dary seat stop simultaneously.

Enter text from picture: To print the manual completely, please, download it. The transponder enables the ATC ground controller to “see” and identify the aircraft, while in flight, on the control center’s radarscope more readily. To use post lighting, move the slide switch in the Since this DME is not factory take the airplane to travel the distance to the channeled station.

Do not overpower autopilot in pitch for more than approximately 3 seconds as the autotrim system will cause an increase in pitch overpower forces.


Two eyebolts for the forward tie-down straps are mounted on the cabin floor near each sidewall just forward of the baggage door approximately at station 90; two eyebolts are installed near the top of the forward surface of the wheel well slightly inboard of each sidewall approximately at station ; If the alternate static source is being used, refer to the airspeed calibration variations between the normal and alternate static sources as shown in Section 5.

A comprehensive list of all Cessna equip- ment available for this airplane is included at the back of this section. Before descending into cesna clouds, set up a stabilized let-down Emergencies caused by airplane or engine The system is composed of either an unheated or Near gear hand pump: Cesdna Capacity Each Tank: A separate equipment list of items installed in your pon airplane is provided in your aircraft file.

Normally, both sides of the master switch should be used simultane- ously; Cessna Transponder and Altitude Encoder Blind. Got it, continue to print.

Monitor course guidance raw data during the approach to assure signal quality. Reply lamp will also glow steadily during initial warm-up period.

Airplane Weighing Procedures Sample forms are provided for reference. IDENT pulse or satisfactory self-test opera- tion. The information contained herein supplements or supersedes the information contained in the form of placards, markings, manuals and For limitations and procedures not contained in this checklists.

Operating controls for the marker beacon system are supplied on the front of the two types of audio control panels used in this Cessna aircraft. Do not activate radio transceiver. Numbers in parentheses indicate forward and aft limits of occupant 19880 of gravity range.


Adjacent to panel unit when used with the DME Lights Supplied With Three Transmitters. The pilot should demonstrate the operation of all seats to the passengers before flight.


While adjusting sidetone, be place the microphone as close as possible to the lips and aware that if 172tg sidetone volume level is set too high, audio feedback speak directly into it. The brakes are operated by applying pressure to the top of either the left pilot’s or right copilot’s set of rudder pedals, which are interconnected. The large, outer control knob labeled for the marker beacon lights.

The operating controls for the marker ph are different on the two audio control panels.

The soap Cessna Dealers’ mechanics have been trained in the proper adjustment should be removed 172rt a clean damp cloth. Short field technique as specified in Section 4.

With an extremely rapid ice ” landing site. While these important inspections will be performed for you by adherence to factory-recommended inspection intervals and cessnna any Cessna Dealer, in most cases you will prefer to have the Dealer from procedures.

Cessna 1980 172RG Cutlass Pilot Operating Handbook

With ignition switch OFF and throttle closed, prime the engine two Excessive pumping of the throttle may cause raw fuel to to four strokes as the propeller is being turned over by hand. Cessna Transponder and Encoding Altimeter Figure 1.

The soap suds, used sparingly, will remove traces of dirt and grease.